Do you lack creativity and inspiration?

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I have found over the years, that my contemporary goddess clients come to me complaining of a lack of creative spark! They feel like their world is bland. Their life is monotone. Their days are filled with same-ness. They are going through the motions but not feeling inspired. Do you feel like that?

This week I’m sharing some ideas about creativity and inspiration … you can also listen to the podcast episode #152 here:

Well, you are not alone.
You have not lost it my friends … it is not gone.
The focus of your life has been on the material and all the earthly things. Right?
You’ve been making money, building a home, raising kids, tending to a relationship, becoming successful and doing all the things that society tells us to do. Yes?
Nothing wrong with that … well until you start to feel there is something missing.
And I’m here to tell you that the thing that’s missing is spirit … inspiration … it’s bringing spirit INTO your life, in whatever way works for you, so that the colour and juice and magic returns.
Remember when you were a child, and the world was FULL of colour?
Even if you had a difficult childhood, you can still probably remember times when there was lightness, a feeling of freedom, and the energy of magic.
One of my favourite things to do is the Draw Your Destiny exercise … I do it as part of my Goddess & Creativity Workshop and it’s included in my Divine Alignment 1:1 Coaching Program.
You are given coloured pens, pencils, crayons and a big piece of paper to begin to draw your destiny, tap into your Soul purpose, and get some clarity about the meaning of your existence in this life. Note: You don’t need to be an artist … just be open-hearted and curious.
You will experience a sense of re-awakening of your Goddess … who is deeply nurturing and wise. Who gives you divine support when you feel lost and alone. The profound part of this exercise is not that you remember your life’s purpose (although that is very cool) … it’s that you allow yourself to be playful again.
A lot of the successful and high achieving woman that I coach tell me that there are few moments in their life where they give themselves permission to relax and play.
Brene Brown says that inspiration is a vital part of business and if you don’t allow people to relax, chillout, be vulnerable, creative and open … they won’t be inspired, they won’t innovate and they won’t find the solutions to problems.
It’s another reason why the ‘work hard to succeed’ belief doesn’t hold water.
And so, I encourage you to consider ways to add in creative moments to your day.

  • Write about your day in a journal,
  • Dance and sing to your favourite songs,
  • Get out the crayons, paints, pens or pencils and draw,
  • Colour in a mandala,
  • Do some interior designing of your house,
  • Learn how to build a bird house,
  • Watch a YouTube video and bake a cake,
  • Do some gardening or pot some indoor plants,
  • Start a hard copy or digital scrapbook of photos for 2023,
  • Create a visionboard of goals,
  • Cook something new for dinner every night for a week,
  • Learn to play a sport.
  • Practise guided meditations to improve your visualisation skills.
    Make a list of 10 more things that you could try this month …
    There’s a billion creative things that you could add to your life that would balance out the practical … you’ll be so grateful you did.
    If you’d like some help with your brainstorming please reach out to me at – I’d love to support you in living a more inspired life.
    Blessings Pip

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