Do you have splinters in your butt?

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Well … do you have splinters in your butt?

Are you sitting on the Universal fence? 

Are you half going for it and half not? 

It’s time to let the universe know you are serious. 


The world needs people who are authentic, conscious, loving and really LIVING THEIR LIVES.

“We have to keep death close as an inspiration to live!” says Kute Blackston (author of the book You Are The One: A Bold Adventure in Finding Purpose, Discovering the Real You, …)
Our obsession with not dying … is a distraction from our purpose.

Our obsession with drama … is a distraction from our purpose.

Our obsession with other people’s stuff … is a distraction from our purpose.

What or who are you obsessing about?

Are you asking questions like:

Why me?

When will this end?

Why are they doing this to me?

How come everyone else has it easy?

These questions generally make you feel worse. They have a low vibration.

My experience is that when I ask these questions I find myself tied up in knots and feel stuck. How about you?

Barbara de Angelis talks about asking ‘soul questions’ because your soul knows the truth. It’s our ego that wants to protect us and get justification. But it’s coming from a flawed premise. We are not given challenges to destroy us. We are given challenges to expand us.

Trust your soul.

So, let’s ask better questions …

QUESTION #1 – What does this situation / person have  to teach me? There is always, always something to learn.

Eg. The company who doesn’t care about your safety is a lesson for you to speak up, step up and take better care of yourself. You are worthy. If you can not resolve the situation then honouring ‘soul self’ means leaving to find a space that does take care of you.

Eg. The family member who treats you badly – physically, emotionally or mentally – is a lesson for you to have compassion … or learn forgiveness … or reclaim your power … or take a stand … Yes for them, but MORE importantly for YOU.
Only you know what your lesson is. 

QUESTION #2 – What would you do for free?

This is a great question to ask if you are feeling lost and unsure of your purpose in life.

You might have heard the question … what did you enjoy doing as a child?

That’s because you were an unfiltered and pure version of yourself then.

You had no fears, no blocks, no worries.

The feeling you have when you are connected, laughing, relaxed, playing, exercising, meditating, and generally feeling good … (I believe) it is your ‘soul’ rejoicing in its most true expression. Do more of these things. Get inspired. Live. 

QUESTION #3 – How can I love myself more?

Cheryl Richardson (author of ‘The Art of Extreme Self Care’) posted on her Instagram … “what if you throw out all your resolutions this year and just ask yourself in every moment – how can I be more loving in every moment?’

I love this!!! It resonates SO much today. I made a mistake and someone confronted me about it. I really felt bad. It was not my intention to upset anyone, of course. So I apologised. But then spent an hour or so, beating myself up. Thinking I was a bad person, when I had just made one small error.

We spend so much time chastising, judging, criticising, beating ourselves up  … and how is that work in our for you?

What if … we spent more time being loving?

What if … instead of being mean to yourself … you choose to … go for a walk, do a yoga class, watch a funny movie, read a book, swim in the ocean, play in the park, drink your favourite coffee, pat your pet, connect with your kids (grandkids/nieces/nephews), talk to your guardian angels / departed loved ones / Animal spirit guides, pray, believe in magic, lie in the sunshine, eat without guilt, light candles, grow or buy flowers, have sex, take your shoes off, use more essential oils, commune with trees, ground yourself at the beach, get your hands dirty … what else can you think of?

The list is endless.

Spend more time adding to this loving list rather than your grievances list.

Watch your life shift.

Let me know if you need help answering any of these questions. 

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