Do you believe you only live once? (Y.O.L.O)

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This week’s blog is about life and death … 
You might say … ‘Holy Moly Pip … that’s a bit intense for a Tuesday!’ 
And I say to you … ‘Maybe … and yet … maybe not.’

When you hear the words ‘You only live once’ … what do you think?
Do you think … ‘No, that’s not right … I have lived many lives and will continue to live many more.’
Or do you think … ‘Yes, that’s right … because life is short and then you die! And this is all there is.’
Or do you think … ‘I’m not sure what that means?’ 

When I’ve heard people say ‘You only live once’ … they are usually saying it to encourage me to take a risk … get out of my comfort zone … live a little … don’t worry about the consequences … just do it … (thank you NIKE). 

But … 
Behind those words … I feel there is a belief that is intriguing.
Behind those words … is a belief that we are only these bodies. 
Behind those words … is a belief that when we die, we have not more life. 
Behind those words … I’ve realised … is a level of fear …

That belief is that if we don’t live for today, take that opportunity, fall in love … we will never get that chance again.
That belief is that there is nothing more than this lifetime.
Does that belief serve you?

Well, that’s the curious thing … it does AND it doesn’t. 
It serves you because you are encouraged to take risks, fall in love, follow dreams and live fully.
And it doesn’t serve you because you are doing all that from a place of fear. 
There is an undercurrent of anxiety, worry and stress.
Do you feel that?

Do you have anxiety, worry or stress that doesn’t seem to be connected to anything specific in your life?
If your answer is yes … then I suggest you try another belief.

Beliefs can be changed to help you feel better.
People do it all the time.
You do it with eating, for example …  you might believe carbohydrates are bad, so you stop eating bread. Then you believe fat is bad, so you stop eating fat. Then you believe fruit is bad, so you stop eating fruit. 
All this in an effort to feel better, healthier, and more happy. 
Why not do it with your life view! 

I believe that we are Infinite Conscious Souls who’s energy gets transformed back to the Universe, when our physical bodies die. 
We get to choose where we go each lifetime.
We choose our parents and siblings.
We choose what lessons we are going to learn.
We have complete control.
This belief empowers and inspires me. 
I remind myself of this belief when I feel any degree of anxiety, worry or stress. 

I encourage you to ask yourself these 3 questions:
What beliefs make me feel more peaceful? 
What beliefs make me feel upset, stressed or anxious?
What beliefs make me feel depressed?
What beliefs empower and inspired you?

Beliefs that come from a place of love and peace … that encourage you to live your life with joy and abandon, those are the ones to keep.
Whether you believe that we have one life to live (or many lives) … 
Choose wisely and with mindful intention. 
Choose to support yourself.
Choose to love yourself.
Choose to be peaceful.
It’s your life … make it AMAZING!

Blessings Pip xxx
Here are some books you might like to check out:
A New Earth – Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose – by Eckhart Tolle
Many Lives, Many Masters – by Dr Brian Weiss
Dying To Be Me – by Anita Moorjani
​The Boy Who Knew Too Much – by Cathy Byrd

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