Do you believe it’s selfish to seek pleasure?

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Are you a pleasure seeker? or a pleasure squasher?

One of the things that I’ve found, especially when I’m coaching clients or talking to my students, … my Reiki students, or my psychic development students, they always seem to come from that place of denying their own pleasure. Particularly because they’re empathetic human beings. They’re people who care about other people. They tend to serve other people’s purposes and other people’s needs before their own. So today we’re going to be talking about seeking out, honoring and celebrating pleasure.


Good morning to you. This week we are continuing our conversation about writing your own story. So, it is important that you are living your own life, that you are moving towards your own goals, that you are seeking pleasure for yourself in your life, that you are seeking your own joy, that you are serving your purpose in the way that you want to live your life, rather than serving everybody else.

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And that’s not to say that service is not important, but one of the things that I’ve found, especially when I’m coaching clients or talking to my students, my Reiki students, or my psychic development students, they always seem to come from that place, particularly because they’re empathetic human beings. They’re people who care about other people.

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They tend to serve other people’s purposes and other people’s needs before their own. So today we’re going to be talking a little bit about journaling, and we’re going to be talking about your feelings being valid and honoring your own feelings. And we’re going to do a tapping meditation to release the belief that it’s selfish to find pleasure for yourself. **Contact me if you’d like the script for the Tapping Meditation.

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Because that’s one of the things that a lot of people have as a block. They think that anything that they do for themselves is selfish, and so therefore it’s bad, you know? And that is something that’s gonna stop you from doing things for yourself, isn’t it? If you have a belief that it’s bad, that it’s selfish, or that it’s not good. I remember reading a book by Nancy Levin called Worthy.

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And she talks about how there’s the three sisters of selfish, self care and self love. And those three things are all really important. You’ve gotta have the power of three. You’ve got to have that balance of looking after yourself and looking after others. It’s not an either / or, it’s also / and. Yeah.

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So, one of the things that I created in 2021 was a journal, The Find Your Soul Journal, which is a companion to my book. Finding my Soul at Sea. There are lots and lots of amazing journals out there that you can use in terms of bringing yourself into a space of self-reflection, and bringing yourself into a space to ask “what is it that I need?” “What do I feel?” “How am I processing the world?”

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“How am I being in this space?” And what I did in the Find Your Soul Journal is I give you some prompts. Some things to think about, to start your journaling process. The actual pages are blank. Well, they’ve got a little feather on them, and there’s a blank page on the other side, so that you can actually write or draw for as long as you want.

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So, there is a question here asking: what is it that makes you happy? And then you can start to journal the things that make you happy. Or, you know, what is it that would lighten you up today? What, what is it that you’ve done that’s been brave? What have you done in your life that’s been brave? And then you can write those things down. And yesterday I was working on what my coach calls her Book of Awesomeness. And her book of awesomeness is basically a journal of the things that you have done, that you’ve achieved, that have been successful.

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You learned how to walk. You learned how to ride a bike. You got your first job, You had your first relationship, and then (maybe) you broke up with that person because you’d outgrown them.

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You traveled overseas for the first time, or you traveled around Australia for the first time. You booked your first hotel. Get my drift? It’s a list of all of the things that we learned how to do.

One of my coach’s was really funny. She learned how to play cards and then she learned how to win at playing cards, <laugh>. And then learned how to play Scrabble, and I learned how to win at Scrabble. Um, and that was really cool.

So, in your journal, you could use it for something like that. And every time you’re feeling down, you go to your Find Your Soul Journal or your book of awesomeness, or whatever you wanna call it.

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And inside there is all of the things that you have done that are amazing. And then that can lift your spirits, make you feel good.  

Journaling has a number of different cool ways to help you. One of them is to explore your own feelings, how you feel, … what’s actually going on for you.

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If we don’t have someone to reflect with, someone to bounce ideas off, we need to get it out of ourselves. We need to get it out. Cause if you keep things bottled up inside you start to manifest illnesses and diseases, right? Getting it out of your system and putting it down on paper is a great way of clearing.

If you’re not a writer, or you think you’re not so good with the writing, then you could do the exactly the same process of self-reflection and answering and asking yourself questions, or asking the universe questions, by speaking.

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You could actually use the voice recorder memo on your phone, and you could talk into that voice recorder and say, “This is what’s going on for me today, and this is what’s happening, and this is what I’m thinking.”

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Then if you want to change that into notes, there is a app called “Transcribe” where you can actually talk into the audio record, it records your audio, and then you can transcribe it into words, to save it in that way. There’s lots of different ways that you can honor and express yourself.

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t’s really important to honor yourself in this way in terms of your feelings. To know that your feelings are valid, your emotions are valid, your thoughts are valid, your opinions are valid. You are just as deserving of expressing your feelings as anyone else in the world.

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And that’s something that’s really important too. And if you feel that you need help with that expression, if you feel you need someone to coach you on that, or help you around starting that process of honoring yourself, then you might like to give me a call. We can get to a certain point on our own sometimes. But taking it to the next level and having someone be objective, someone who’s nothing to do with your life, who can actually help you to reframe things, it’s really helpful to have somebody like that who can walk along with you to support.

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Let’s talk a little bit about feeling like you are selfish to seek pleasure. Because one of the things that is really important in life is to feel like we’re enjoying ourselves. Like, what are we here for? What are we here on this earth for? If we’re not here to enjoy our space. We are here to explore all the aspects of being human. We’re here to enjoy the world. We’re here to enjoy our families and our friends and our environment.

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You know, we’re here to have fun. Seeking pleasure is something that human beings naturally do. When we are babies, when we are little children, we seek pleasure all the time. Children are constantly looking for things to do that make them feel good. That’s what we are at our essence. We’re supposed to be in that space of joy and pleasure.

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And the reason why we don’t feel good most of the time (as adults) is because we’ve squashed that feeling of joy or pleasure or happiness. We’ve squashed it because we think that we’re not allowed, that we’re not allowed to be in that space of pleasure. And that’s usually learnings from school and perhaps parents and grandparents and, you know, some people around us who told us that we’re not allowed to be happy all the time. We’re not allowed to have pleasure all the time. We can’t to be in that space of joy all the time. “All good things must come to an end.” Right?

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But that’s not to say that life doesn’t happen. Yes, we’re gonna have sad moments, and we’re gonna have angry moments, and we’re gonna ebb and flow. And it’s about allowing yourself to feel those pleasurable moments and to do those things that give you pleasure and not stop yourself or block yourself, or sabotage. Sabotage, <laugh>.

The important thing is to recognize when you are denying yourself and consider why.

From this space you can change.

Blessings Pip

If you’d like to listen to the ‘I believe it’s selfish to seek pleasure’ tapping meditation you can hear it on my ALIGN WITH THE DIVINE podcast episode #125 here:

Go to the 11 minute mark to start the tapping. 😊

Or you can contact me to get the script for yourself – send an email:

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