Are you good at asking for what you want?

Do you know what you like and don’t like?

Do you express your desires outloud (or even to yourself)?

As women, we have not generally been encouraged to express our desires, wants and needs.

We have mostly been told by society that we should first serve others, and then (maybe) serve ourselves.

But usually by the time you have served EVERYONE else … you’re so exhausted you don’t get around to it. Right?

I hear this story SO OFTEN from my bodywork clients and my coaching clients.

“I just don’t have time to do self care.”

“I’d love to but I have a list of things to do … where do I fit in the self care?”

“I want to do meditation, massages and coaching and more … but everyone needs me to help them first.”

And I say to you … Earth Angels … please listen.

You may not believe me … and you will have lots of excuses I’m sure … but I have to tell you …

You are equally deserving of relaxation.

You are equally deserving of peace.

You are equally deserving of time out.

You are equally deserving of moments alone.

You are equally deserving of nurturing.

This story that you tell yourself, that other people are more important than you.

This excuse that you speak, that you ‘need’ to do (blah) rather than drink, eat, sleep, or pee!!!

You can let those stories and excuses go …

You can choose yourself equally as often as you choose others.

AND … you can still love fiercely, serve willingly, and assist with deep commitment.

The beauty of making this choice to take care of yourself too, is that you feel more happy and relaxed.

And you actally WANT to take care of others.

Another wonderful benefit of choosing yourself too, is that you feel balanced and aligned.

And you DON’T FEEL RESENTFUL anymore.

How good would THAT be? Huh?

And finally, taking time to schedule in self-care makes you feel more comfortable in your body.

And so you want to do MORE sexy things (with – and sometimes without – your partner) 🙂

BONUS!! ha ha … didn’t see that coming did you?

Anyway, as we move into May (the month of Mother’s Day) … I want to get the ball rolling for you.

Mother (or not) … you deserve to be taken care of too.

So, I’ve put together some Mother’s Day special offers (that are available until 31st May).

Here’s are my Mother’s Day Divine Offers:

Mother’s Day Divine Body Alignment package ($133)– 60 minutes – includes a combination of Reiki energy healing and Bowen therapy to deeply soothe your mind, realign your body, and reset your energy, so that you feel lighter, happier, reduce pain, and dissolve any fears or worries.
With BONUS gift bag valued at $60 – relaxing foot soak, ‘pause’ meditation process, 5ml Doterra essential oil, 25% off your next treatment voucher and a hand-picked Angel oracle card.
Mother’s Day Divine Body Alignment package:

Mother’s Day Divine Reading package ($133) – 60 minutes – includes a mediumship and oracle card reading to reconnect you to your departed loved ones, so that you can feel peaceful, ease your grief, know that they are with you and notice the signs when they communicate with you.
With BONUS gift bag valued at $60 – a magical coloured angel feather, mini-frame for a picture of you and your mum, 5ml Doterra essential oil, 25% off your next treatment voucher and a hand-picked Angel oracle card. *Note: when I do mediumship readings, please be aware that there is no guarantee that a particular people will come through during the reading, however, the perfect loved ones will show up to give you the guidance and reassurance that you need.
Mother’s Day Divine Reading package:

It would be my pleasure and delight to nurture all those mothers out there who are frazzled, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted and just need some TIME OUT for goodness’ sake!!!

To purchase and/or book you can send a DM or go to these links (above).

*Note – You can purchase a gift voucher or book a date for your mum (or yourself) to have a treatment or reading, then we can reschedule up to 24 hours prior, if it doesn’t suit.

CLICK HERE to choose a gift voucher:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Blessings Pip

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