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This week’s blog is a reminder that our soul is eternal and our human body is its temporary holiday home.
I have to say that this topic is my most favourite… when I teach my past lives class, when I do a past life regression, and when I read a past lives book with my spiritual book club group … it lights me up (like a Christmas tree 🎄- is it too early for that reference?)
You know when something is true for you when it makes you feel pumped but also peaceful.
And … there is a deep knowingness in your heart.
I’d like to share a story with you from my book Finding my Soul at Sea – when I was doing past life regression meditations with guests, as part of my Wellness program.
I hope it gets your past life memories flowing like it did for me.
And you can watch a video of me reading another one of my past life stories on Facebook tomorrow. 😉
Blessings Pip x

Excerpt from Finding my Soul at Sea – Part Two / Chapter Three

My favourite past life meditation is by Quiet Earth Publishing (Australia).
It’s really simple and easy to follow so it’s great for beginners. The whole thing takes about thirty minutes. 
First, you are led through an easy process to relax your body. Then you are asked to create or imagine a “sacred space” in your mind where you can start your journey. Then a door appears in the “sacred space” and you are asked to open the door and step through into your past life. Then they talk you through the experience of that memory. At the end you are guided back to the door and into your “sacred space” where you review your experience and consider how it relates to your current life circumstances. 
This is the meditation that I would play for the guests on the last day of the cruise.

At the beginning of the class I would explain:
Welcome to my favourite meditation class. No matter if this is your first time or your hundredth time of doing a past life meditation or regression journey, it will be unique. Sometimes when you do a past life meditation you won’t get a clear visual memory. It may be that when you step through the door into the past life, you only get a small “snippet” of information. So, please don’t be disheartened if it is not an amazing technicolour stage show in your mind. 
I have seen very clear and vivid scenes unfolding in front of my eyes, like a movie. I have seen quick snapshots of scenes, like photographs in my mind. I have also done some meditations where I couldn’t see anything. It was just black – like when your eyes are closed. But I could smell a scent … flowers, straw, baking bread, smoke or something else that could not logically be explained in the ship environment. 
There were some occasions where I didn’t see anything or smell anything, but I did get a strong feeling to indicate my state of mind. For example, there might be an overwhelming feeling of happiness, sadness, confusion, loneliness or anger. 
But most importantly, I’ve noticed that usually the memory from the past life would be reflective of my current life circumstances and issues that I was dealing with. So, it would then give me some guidance on how to handle my current situation. Are you ready to get started? …

I always found the people who joined this class were what I call “true seekers” … people who were looking for answers. People who had been asking for guidance and hadn’t been able to get it any other way. It was always a transformative class for me and for the guests who joined me. One of my first past life memories went like this:
I stepped through the door into the past life and could see that I was in a large garden. As I looked around, I could see the bright green of the grass, the perfectly arranged flower beds and a very ornate water fountain. All this was laid out in front of a huge estate home at the top of the hill. I felt that I was in Spain. 
I could smell the strong fragrance of roses nearby. It was a very strong scent. When I looked down at my clothing I was dressed in a white blouse with long sleeves, a full pale blue skirt and a red sash at my corseted waist. I smoothed my skirt and tucked my dark brown hair behind my ear. 
I had an overwhelming feeling of joy as I walked through the garden admiring the flowers. It was so beautiful. I felt proud of my garden. Everyone would be so impressed (jealous – I hoped) when they came to the party.
When I came back into the room after this meditation, I could still smell the roses. I was delighted. It was so clear. It was not something that my imagination made up in my mind. Yes, I have been to Spain in this lifetime, but never to a location like that one.
It was like having déjà vu. I felt like it was my home. I felt very peaceful and calm.

In the beginning, I enjoyed the meditations but honestly, I wasn’t completely convinced myself that it wasn’t just my imagination. I had a great imagination. I vividly dream with the best of them. But each time I did the past life journey meditation I got more and more evidence that these were my memories – and the way I knew that was the depth of emotion and “knowingness” that came during and after the process. My imagination and vivid dreaming never gave me a feeling of complete calm and knowledge that I am a Divine Soul that is infinite and that we never die. That only comes from a past life memory. 

As the past life meditation CD directed me to go to my “sacred space” in my mind, I felt a tingle of excitement.
This lifetime was significant. I could already feel it. 
As I walked towards the door that appeared in my mind, I could see the outer edge was carved with symbols which looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place them. Egyptian? No. Mexican? No. I traced the outline of the symbols with my hand. They were ornate and beautiful. They also felt like they were vibrating. Then as I stepped through the door, to the past life beyond, I realised that the symbols were Peruvian, like the ones I’d seen when I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. 
The vision was not initially clear. But the feeling I got was a heavy weight of responsibility.
I heard myself praying, “Angels, please protect my flock!”
I know that I’m a Spiritual Leader. Then I realise that my eyes are closed in the memory. And when I open them I can see the vista of Machu Picchu (Peru) in front of me. I’m standing at the Sun Gate watching the sunrise over the temples. My people have been coming to me concerned and scared. 
“What will happen when they come?” (they are referring to the Spanish soldiers).
“It is our destiny – we have done what we came here to do.” I say, “Be not afraid.”
When they come everyone is calm and peaceful. It is the end of the Inca. 

When I was in Machu Picchu, Peru in this lifetime I remember feeling a very strong spiritual connection. I sat on the grass near the temple and I knew that I’d lived in that place before. It was a “deep in my soul” knowing. I had never felt like that in any other place that I’d travelled. This past life memory helped me to make sense of the intense connection that I felt on that South American tour. 

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