Deep Dive into Past Lives

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An interview with Michele Scott on Casey Radio – 28th September 2022

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Wellness conversations is a talk shape for growing better body, mind, heart, and soul. Each week we hear a story and experiences that have shaped an individual’s life in a way that empowers and heals them.

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With the aim that in hearing their story, it helps empower and heal us too. So.

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Come and join the conversation.

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I’ll go back to my Casey Radio, 97.7 fm. You’re listening to Wellness Conversations, uh, with Michelle Scott, brought to you by our wellness community. And the show is all about how to, uh, how to grow better in body, mind, heart, and soul. And every week there, uh, there’s an interesting topic and, uh, and today we have, uh, we have a topic that, um, perhaps we’ve alluded to in the past, but we certainly haven’t, uh, haven’t tackled it, uh, head on as we’re doing today, because our beautiful special guest, uh, returning, we’ve had, uh, Pip Coleman on a number of times in the past, and Pip’s returning today to tell us all about her, uh, her new endeavors.

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Now Pip is, uh, a reiki master coach, author, and divine ologist. So, uh, Pip Coleman, welcome to the show.

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Well, thank you, Michelle. It’s always a pleasure.

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Ah, you. And it’s been a while. So we’ve both, uh, you know, we’re both, uh, very excited to, uh, a be talking again about all things woo woo. And, uh, and secondly about, uh, going even deeper into the woo woo, more deep than we’ve ever been before.

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Yes, exactly.

• 1:32 – 1:45

Wow. Okay. Look, we’re gonna start off with, I love that, um, divine. We’re gonna start off with that. What on earth is a divine ologist? How would you describe that.

• 1:45 – 2:15

<Laugh>? Yes. Well, I was, um, working with my, my business coach, and she said to me, How would you describe yourself now after 25 years of doing all this woo woo stuff? You know, the reiki and the bone therapy and the meditation and psychic development, You know, how would you describe yourself? And I was like, Well, I love divine things, and I teach people about divine beings like angels and goddesses and animal spirit guides.

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And so I guess I’m like a, like a psychologist for the divine. And I was like, So that means I’m a divine <laugh>. I.

• 2:27 – 2:28

Love it.

• 2:29 – 2:30

Yeah. That’s how it came about.

• 2:31 – 2:57

Oh, I love it. Exactly. You know, it’s just, uh, there’s some things you just can’t plan. You know, there’s some things you just can’t plan. And I love how in, uh, I love how in a conversation or watching a movie or listening to music or, you know, listening or someone says something like you would talk. She, you know, asked the question. You answered the question. And in that something, uh, beautiful, uh, was created and born.

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Yeah. Yeah. Cause I hadn’t really thought about it in that way until she asks me that question. And we’ve had that happen when we’ve just talked before, haven’t.

• 3:06 – 3:42

We? Oh, we do. Exactly. I know. We just, uh, we just, you know, yada yada. And then, uh, and then suddenly, uh, and, and I just love those moments. I mean, that’s really the, that to me, actually, that’s, that’s kind of, um, uh, been a thing for me my whole life, you know? Mm-hmm. Uh, watching a movie and, and there’s a, a particular line I can, I can recall it instantly now as we are talking about it. Uh, you know, the Matrix, I can recall, um, a star treky thing, and I used to, Yeah. I used to pop these all into post as well. And as you say, you and I always talking and we, and we just sort of babb on, and then suddenly both of us will have that aha.

• 3:42 – 3:50

And we’ll go, Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, that’s good word. Oh, that’s a good way to put it. <laugh>. Yeah. And it’s so exciting. We get excited.

• 3:51 – 4:09

We do. And it’s the same when you have a, when you do a workshop with like-minded people, or you go to a lecture or, um, Yeah. Listen to a podcast, you know, I love when you get, um, you know, cool woo woo people together, and they just make magic.

• 4:10 – 4:35

Yes, yes. And it’s energizing, you know, I learn, uh, I learned in positive psychology, um, or rather with the strengths, um, the strengths profile component of that. And you and I did this actually, uh, pip that we did. If it energizes you, if it energizes you, if it gives you that lift, that that lift up that, uh, that’s the, that’s the thing. You know, that’s what we should follow. Those is the bread crumbs, uh, that we should.

• 4:35 – 4:36

Own. Yeah.

• 4:36 – 5:02

Okay. So then let’s go to from Divine, We go to, um, that must have then, because I’ve noticed that about, uh, about your work that, you know, you are going, uh, deeper into, uh, into that spiritual realm, into that, uh, you know, uh, the metaphysical, the, the subtle, the unseen. So did that kind of lead from divine know to, uh, Wewe workshops and what we’re gonna talk you about today? Ooh,.

• 5:03 – 5:39

Yes, it did. Um, because, uh, yes, I started to ask my tribe, uh, what they were interested in working on, what they were interested in learning as more about, more deeply about. And so the Woo woo workshops came from a survey that I asked, and they said they wanted to do more, uh, work on past lives or other lives. Yeah. And they wanted to do more work, um, and play, I should say, not just work, play on, um, in the concepts of connecting with departed loved ones.

• 5:39 – 5:44

So I created some workshops that would allow them to be.

• 5:45 – 6:23

Love it, love, love, love it so far. And, uh, and so we’re gonna talk about two things in our session today. We’re going to talk about past lives, and, uh, and we’re also going, we’re gonna talk about past lives, the afterlife, and, uh, and then how can we, how can we learn how to, uh, talk to dead people if that is, you know, if that is the direction in which we’ve always been drawn, and usually you, and I know this about, uh, about our tribe, about the, uh, the seeker and, uh, and, and you know, that soul tribe, that it’s not something, it just kind of, Although, you know, some people do, some people do have that awakening, but for most of it, it’s an awakening.

• 6:23 – 6:29

We awaken from something that was there, and we’ve forgotten all about it. It, it’s kind of been with us our whole lives.

• 6:30 – 6:50

Yeah. Yeah. It’s definitely, um, yeah, Some people do have, like you say, um, a moment in time where they go, Oh, suddenly I was able to, you know, hear messages from my guides, and it was just very, very clear. In fact, some people say they, that happens when they are pregnant. Just, have you heard that.

• 6:50 – 7:23

Really? Well, I haven’t, I might not have heard it, but, uh, it certainly was true for me, you know, that I felt, Yeah. That I really felt, um, I felt completely, I felt completely connected to, um, my son Yeah. In the womb. And even, uh, and for many years after that, you know, I remember you just reminded me, actually, I remember, I remember driving off, um, you know, I used to work. I sort of worked in all sorts of ways so that I could be there for him, you know, during the bulk of his days.

• 7:23 – 7:39

So I did afternoon shift, night shift, all this sort of stuff. And I remember taking off one day, and I had my mom, you know, thankfully I had, I had beautiful family support. And I remember leaving and thinking for some reason, I just thought, Oh, I said that she was going to my sister-in-law’s place.

• 7:39 – 8:09

And I remember thinking, Oh, I hope she, I just had this thought that he would get burnt. And I thought, Oh, I hope she doesn’t, because my sister-in-law used to have the, um, the heat of on all the time. And I thought, Oh, I had that thought. Then I thought I was gonna call. And I thought, Oh, no, I better not annoy her by saying that, because she might get defensive taken the wrong way. Anyway, um, when I did call her, she was like, Now, don’t panic. And I went, Oh my God. He got, he got burned, didn’t he? <laugh>. And you know what?

• 8:09 – 8:28

He did get burnt. I was wronged about the feeling, but not got the heater. It was from a cup cup of coffee, um, that was sitting there, and his accidentally pulled it over. But I mean, it was fine. Can you believe that? How fascinating. So I love it because this is what you are teaching. So tell us a little bit about the woow, and then we’ll dive a little deeper.

• 8:29 – 9:02

Mm, yes. Well, the woow, basically, the WOOW workshops are a, an introduction, I guess, for people who want to dive into learning, I guess, how to connect with their intuition. And each of the topics allows you to, to practice that in different ways. So one topic, for example, past lives or, um, other lives connecting with our lives is one way of starting to trust your intuition and the memories that come through when you do a past life meditation.

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And the other, the, the departed connecting with departed’s loved ones is kind of a memory thing, because we are getting signs and, and messages all the time from, um, spirit, from divine guides, and from our departed loved ones. We just may not know that that’s what’s happening, um, unless we are really connected already with that, that intuitive part of ourselves. And so that’s what we do, is we practice those things once you realize what the messages are and how the messages are coming through.

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Yes. I love that. So, um, so let’s have a little, let’s follow that, uh, take, uh, take that and follow it, uh, follow it on a little bit. Uh, I think, I think importantly, like I know even, uh, in, in neology that, um, uh, there’s a section of the individual’s profile where we can see, we can see past life, uh, we call it car debt. Um, and then we have car lessons as well. And, and then there’s little story if that individual has that combination. There’s a little story about, uh, about a past life.

• 10:07 – 10:31

And I always say it’s not, uh, I like to tell the story because it, um, it’s a nice little story, but more importantly, uh, we can find how it applies in this lifetime in terms of, uh, you know, opportunities and challenges. So what do you think, uh, pip, you know, what would you say in terms of what’s, what, what are the, how does it help us to know, How does it help us to know what that past life was?

• 10:32 – 11:25

Well, for me, I guess easy to share our own experiences, and it probably helps as well to understand that if you, when I’ve done past life meditation, and there is a difference between, probably should clarify, there’s difference between doing a past life meditation with a CD or with a, with a group. And then there is doing a path life regression with a trained H therapist, right? Or past life regressionist. So the past life meditation is, I would say, with a group, and the, the journey is a visualization that takes you to another life, where usually what happens is you get some knowledge of some wisdom from that other life that will help you with the things that are bubbling up to the surface currently.

• 11:25 – 11:56

So if you are having issues with a partner, for example, you might go back to a another life or go to another life where that, um, some clarity is given to you around the relationship that you have with that person in previous or past or other lives. And you get some resolution around the issue that might be coming up. Perhaps it’s jealousy, perhaps it’s, um, you know, um, a feeling of mistrust or something like that.

• 11:56 – 12:13

And you go, ah, that makes sense, because in the past, this person has, their soul has been connected to me, and we’ve had previous incidences of this feeling, and that’s why I’m feeling so charged about this particular incident in the current situation.

• 12:14 – 12:19

I love it. I love it. So we’re going to take, take a list from our sponsors and come back and talk more.

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The sound of the sos welcome back case, Radiant, 97.7 FM to Wellness Conversations brought to you by our wellness community. My name is Michelle Scott. Uh, in the session, we are talking to, uh, our beautiful Pip Coleman, and Pip is a reiki master coach, author, and divine ologist. Now, just before we went to, uh, went to, uh, a sponsor message, we were talking about the benefits of, um, going on a past life, uh, meditation journey, and how, you know, we can certainly tap into issues that, uh, we dealt with in that past life that are bumping up in this lifetime, and we can get some understanding.

• 13:06 – 13:09

So, uh, let’s keep going with, uh, let’s keep going with that.

• 13:10 – 13:11

Yeah, yeah,.

• 13:11 – 13:11


• 13:12 – 13:45

One of the things that’s really interesting, there’s two really interesting things that I find. One is around purpose, life purpose. Yeah. Um, you know, that, like you were saying, the things that you give you produce in your life, the things that get you excited, you can actually tap into, if you are not sure what your purpose is in this lifetime, you can do past life meditation journey to discover what you were good at last time, <laugh> Yeah. And see if those things resonate with you again.

• 13:45 – 14:06

And generally they do. Um, which is quite cool and fun. Um, it’s a great little, um, exercise to do. And I’ve done many, many a journey where I’ve gone, Okay, what’s my next thing that would be great for me to get inspired and excited about in this lifetime? And I’ll do a journey to see what I was good at before.

• 14:07 – 14:40

Love it. Um, yeah. And the other one that’s really helpful is health, health issues. So if you have a, a particular health issue that you can’t work out where it’s come from or how you’ve done it in this lifetime, uh, you know, issue with a, a sore back or a, some problem with a shoulder, or, you know, something weird going on with your left foot or something, and you just can’t resolve it in any practical way in this lifetime, sometimes it can be related to a past life injury, which is also fascinating.

• 14:40 – 14:50

And usually once you recognize when, when and where and how this happened, it will resolve itself in this lifetime, which is pretty cool.

• 14:50 – 15:32

Yeah. Yeah, Exactly. That is, uh, very, very cool. Um, I had, uh, so many, so many questions and thoughts, uh, going through my head there. So, uh, you know, don’t <laugh> don’t quite know where to, uh, to start with all, with that, we’re gonna move, uh, we will talk about signs as well. But, but yeah, I love that, as you say. And, and that’s how I, I talk as well about the, um, the comic debt or the comic lessons in, um, in Neology. And what’s so fascinating is that, uh, you know, I’ve learned that, uh, you know, straight out of the book, obviously, you know, obviously I’ll bring all of my other knowing and, and you know, intuition into it.

• 15:32 – 15:54

But, uh, but you know, for example, you know, zero six s in an individual individual’s profile, um, you know, the story is told that, uh, in an in, in a previous lifetime, the individual, uh, the individual, you know, wasn’t responsible in family or didn’t, uh, or didn’t, uh, live up to, uh, their responsibilities within family.

• 15:54 – 16:34

So let’s pretend, I always say, let’s pretend you were, you know, a bikey and, uh, you know, you were here for a good time, not a long time, and you jumped on the, on the bike and you took off and you didn’t take responsibility for, you know, um, parents and children and, and or, or the, like, in this lifetime. You know, paying back that karma could mean that you have, uh, that you have to wear, you know, twice as much as anybody else. And it can also mean that there’s, um, estrangement and, uh, and I don’t know why, I dunno how or why, but I tell you, every time I come across, uh, zero sixes in their profile and tell that story, that story will always be true for the individual.

• 16:34 – 16:56

That in this lifetime, there’s been a lot of issues, um, in family around responsibility and burdens, sense of duty, and, uh, they’ve been left, uh, you know, shoulding it all. And as you said, the beauty of that is just knowing that, Oh, okay. To me it’s like, Oh, if I’m paying back some karma from here to write some wrongs, then you know, you can feel it a little bit more assured, can’t you?

• 16:57 – 17:32

Sure. I love it. And that’s, yeah, a lot of people, um, at lot of the Eastern cultures have, um, belief around reincarnation and karma and, and those sorts of things. So it’s important to have those, um, conversations and to do, you could do specific journeys that, um, work on that understanding to understanding what is, what is, is that you, you know, went through, What lessons have you learned? What lessons have you not learned yet? And, um, and then you can, you know, know where you are beginning from now.

• 0:00 – 0:00

• 17:32 – 18:09

And that’s what I love about it all, you know, because it, uh, it has that woo woo, um, kind of, um, perception about it. But actually when you delve deep into, uh, the woo woo, there are lots of, uh, practical lessons definitely, and strategies and, uh, and things that we go through in life that can be, that can be changed a little if, uh, if, if we adopt that, uh, adopt that shift in perspective. And so then when we get to science, you know, so the other thing which was interesting, you know, for my friend and I, uh, on, on our spiritual journey at the time in their twenties, we landed in India.

• 18:09 – 18:23

I tell you, I must have been there many times before because I loved it. And I was so comfortable from the absolute get go. So tell us about signs. How can we, you know, how do we see some signs in this lifetime?

• 18:24 – 18:55

Yeah, that’s a great, great question. Cause the, um, the things that we are drawn to, um, the places, like you say, India. Yeah. Uh, the places that we go to where we just feel like we are home, that real deep knowing of like, I am home right now. This is where I, I feel like I belong. I remember going to match a picture in Peru when I was in my twenties and sitting in the ground on the grass, this temple, this amazing temple around me.

• 18:56 – 19:18

And feeling like for the very first time, I think that was probably one of the first times that I ever felt that absolute knowing that I had been there and lived in that space and that, and was part of that community. It was just the visceral, it was like a, yeah, a very, very physical and spiritual and emotional.

• 19:18 – 20:15

I felt quite emotional at the time. Got a bit teary and like, you know, felt like this real, Oh my God, this is, I’ve been here before. I’ve definitely been here before. And, uh, and there’s a difference between a past life memory and dejavu, which is more of a premonition type of, um, situation. It was, it was definitely a feeling of knowingness that I had been, um, had been there before. So that’s a really good example of a sign. Um, as well as, you know, things like if really attracted to a particular type of food and you, that’s your favorite food, you know, if you love Italian and you, or you love Indian, or you love a particular type of food and it’s just your thing, or you have an obsession with, um, a particular, you know, type of, um, clothing, or you are really drawn to a particular group of people, um, you know, that’s not your culture.

• 20:15 – 20:24

That’s not, you know, Yes. Um, your man, your main culture, that can give you an indication of past lives, uh, or other lives as well. Yeah.

• 20:25 – 20:37

Okay. So when you, uh, you’ve said that a couple of times, so, uh, so tell me a little bit more about that, about past lives versus other lives. Ah, okay. That’s gonna open up a whole, uh, a whole other.

• 20:37 – 20:38


• 20:39 – 21:06

<Laugh>, and I must say, uh, I must say to the audience and, uh, and to those who listen later, listen to the recorded version later to connect with, uh, with Pip, I kept meaning to say it happened, said it, yet, come to work Facebook at Michelle Scott on air. We’re gonna have, uh, links to, uh, Pip’s community and, uh, how you can connect with Pip, but also won’t take your spiritual development journey further. So what? Yeah. Past lives, other lives, What’s this? I hear you say? Yeah,.

• 21:06 – 21:48

<Laugh>. Yes. Well, recently, more recently, I mean, when I first started reading about past lives, that was the only way that they were described as this linear kind of idea that we have now. And then we have the future, which goes that way. And then we have the past, which is behind us. And that was the only way that past life regressions and meditations were described. Uh, but recently I’ve been reading some really interesting, um, books and listening to different podcasts, and people are starting to talk about the concept of time in a, in a different way, or I’m starting to open up to, to time in a different way.

• 21:48 – 22:03

And that whole concept of, not that the time doesn’t go from past, future present, that’s a nice easy way for us humans to understand it, but in actual fact, time happens all at the same time.

• 22:04 – 22:39

So there are, there is possible to tap into other lives being parallel happening at the same time, and it’s possible to tap into other lives that are in our, what we would consider our future as well. So I’ve done regressions and meditations where I’ve actually gone into another life that was happening at the same time, like a, a person who was born in the 1980s and having an experience with that person and going, That was me in the 1980s, but I was already born in the 1980s.

• 22:39 – 23:13

So it’s, it’s very interesting concept, and it’s obviously deeper than what we can go today. Yeah. But the best way to, to explain it, I guess, is if you imagine an apartment building has multiple floors, and if you think about time in terms of, you are currently living on the 12th floor, for example, but there are many different lives that are happening on all the other floors of the apartment building at the same time. Yeah. So you could live on any one of those floors.

• 23:14 – 23:31

Um, yeah, there’s a few different ways that you can describe it, and I’ve heard lots of people describe it as like a cba, you know, like that there’s multiple different pieces of meat on the one cba, but they’re all happening at the same time. They’re just, Yeah. It’s a really interesting,.

• 23:31 – 24:03

Really fascinating. Yeah, I have, um, yeah, as you say, I, I have heard, uh, a lot more talk about that as well. But, you know, actually when you started talking and said, uh, you know, that, that we sort of weren’t, uh, you know, all of the, uh, all of the teaching when we were sort of growing, growing up in our twenties and thirties were, were around the past last. But, um, there was Richard Bark. Richard Bark did kind of go into that sort of, uh, a realer thought with, um, one of his books, which was called Bridge Across Forever.

• 24:04 – 24:39

And it was, um, yeah, it was a beautiful love story. And what I loved about, uh, that story was, um, in, in the book, he, um, he talks about, um, or plays with the idea of how you know him and, uh, and, and her, you know, he, he and his wife were together and how that life would unfold, but if they had broken up and how that life, then they’re breaking up, uh, life, uh, would, would then, you know, veer off into another direction, running, running simultaneously.

• 0:00 – 0:00

• 24:40 – 25:14

Right? Yeah. Yeah. And I, I loved that book. I loved it. I mean, I could just sort of, you know, when you, you read so many books and I can only ever get the thread of what I wrote. I can’t remember any of it in any great detail, but I did love that. I just thought, yeah, I can really get on board with that, that as we spin off all the time, every decision we make takes us in a new direction. But what about, what about the self that’s still, uh, you know, still there in, in, what about the self that went in the other way or didn’t, or didn’t move at all, You know?

• 25:15 – 25:29

Yeah. Who’s to say that there isn’t? Uh, and, and of course, you know, a lot of spiritual, um, spiritualist also talk of course of, uh, you know, alien lifestyle life, lifestyle lifetimes as well.

• 25:29 – 26:00

So, uh, you know, how fascinating. So we’ve still got, uh, we’ve got much more to talk about, uh, we’re still, we’re still kind of on, uh, well, we went from, uh, past lives to other lives, and we’re still gonna come back and, uh, we still have more to talk about, uh, with regards to signs, just big Phil, we got about a minute and a half before we go to another, um, another, another message, uh, sponsor message. So, uh, a little bit more about science, like you were saying, you know, with you and I, you, I love that you went to Machu, how do you say it?

• 0:00 – 0:00

• 26:00 – 26:01

Machu Ptu.

• 26:01 – 26:32

Macho. Yeah. And you know, for me with India, that it was just instant recognition. We didn’t know how we knew, but we just knew. Um, what are some of the, uh, what are some of the other signs that, uh, we talked about being, as you said, being attracted to a particular, attracted to certain people, attracted to certain cultures, attracted to certain foods, um, can be all indication of, um, of what we have, where we have been, what we have done, and who we’ve done it with in that previous lifetime.

• 26:33 – 26:38

So people, me, So what if you don’t believe in it? Both people. Let’s end with that. What if you don’t believe in past lives?

• 26:39 – 27:12

Look, it’s really interesting because even if you don’t believe in past lives, a meditation can open up, You can still use your, your imagination can be Yeah. The gateway to understanding yourself, you know? So even if you do it as a imaginary journey, you can still get some insights into what your unconscious is connecting you with, you know, and get knowledge there. And that’s one of the other signs is knowledge that you dont know where it’s come from.

• 27:12 – 27:26

Yes. Love. Where, where an advice that you’ve given that you don’t know when you’ve got that advice from. Yeah. Um, so that’s another way that you can do it. So you don’t even have to believe in past lives to get the benefits of, uh, our meditation. Yeah. Beautiful.

• 27:26 – 27:29

All right. Let’s talk, uh, more. We come back, uh, after the break.

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