Cool … I’ll have some of that!

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This weeks blog is about travel … 
Of course, I’m thinking about travel because my sister and I are jetting off to LA on Wednesday… are you jealous? 
If it wasn’t me … I would be … so … no judgement here! :0)

And I’d like to share with you a practice that my friend Michele Scott (Numerologist from Our Wellness Community) does when people share their joy or achievements – she smiles and says “cool – I’ll have some of that!” 
It helps her to stay in an attitude of gratitude, expectation and receiving good stuff. And IT WORKS! 
She’s always drawing to her more and more divine and wonderful things and experiences into her life. 

As we come to the end of the year lots of people are planning their Christmas travel.
And we all have some feelings about what happens during the holidays. 
What is your intention? 
Are you expecting the same as last year? 
Are you expecting drama? 
Are you worried about a particular person’s behaviour? 

The law of attraction states that what you focus on you create more of. 
So it follows that if you expect drama you’ll experience drama. 
And if you people to behave in a certain way, they probably will. 
Your imagination is a very powerful tool. Use it for pleasure rather than pain. 

You might be used to the drama, you might even be comfortable with the discomfort. It serves you in a way.
It gives you permission to be right. But it doesn’t truly make you happy does it? 

I’d like to invite you this holiday season to set yourself up for a calm and peaceful time.
Spend your time this December dreaming (day and night) about happy faces, full bellies, warm hugs, relaxed atmosphere, genuine conversations and fun interactions.  

And to help you dream and relax … I’m offering a special December package:

  • $133 – 60 minute “Take Me To Dreamland” Reiki and Meditation Session with me (free meditation CD and eBook version Finding my Soul at Sea) – bookings available from 11th December – 30th December 2019. 

May your December be a time of happy memories.
See you when I get back to Australia. 
Blessings Pip x

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