Want to soothe headaches and more with Reiki? (you already know how)

What if you could soothe your own pain and your family too? Not with drugs. But with energy healing. We all do it, to some degree … when you put your hands on your aching head, or rub your anxious belly, or pat someone’s back when they feel sad. Our natural abilites to heal are […]

Do you ask for what you want? or do you hope they’ll guess?

Are you good at asking for what you want? Do you know what you like and don’t like? Do you express your desires outloud (or even to yourself)? As women, we have not generally been encouraged to express our desires, wants and needs. We have mostly been told by society that we should first serve […]

Trauma – when do you need a Therapist and when do you need a Coach?

I’ve had this question a lot over the years. Do I need a therapist, a counsellor or a coach?  And the best way to answer that is to see where you’re at in, what I call, the ‘trauma cycle’ …  When you are at the beginning of the traumatic event or situation eg. you have just […]

Saying Yes and then saying No

Did you know that you are allowed to change your mind? Yes. It’s true … we have been told “You make your bed, you’ve gotta lie in it!” and “You get what you get and you don’t complain!” … Well it turns out … that’s a whole lotta B.S!! Yep! I have been struggling with […]

Reiki distance energy healing actually works!

For thousands of years, our ancestors have been using energy healing, indigenous herbs, moon cycles, and other natural remedies to stay healthy, relax, manifest, celebrate, help their family and work on community issues. It’s only been in the last 150 years that modern medicine has stepped into the spotlight and taken us down new paths […]

Reiki stops me from strangling people!

This is the story of how one of my client’s surprised me.I was asking people who had done my Reiki courses to give me some honest feedback.It is not always easy to hear feedback, however, I have learned to listen without judgement.But this comment really got me. “I am SO GLAD that I did the […]

I’ve forgotten to BE …

Blog Pip

This week’s blog is about emotions … As I was crying this morning watching Facebook videos of empowered women, I realised that I’ve had quite an emotional month, and I’ve not let myself fully embrace or honour all of those emotions. That might seem a bit counter-intuitive for me … I mean, I teach people how to get […]

Things to appreciate about a pandemic

Pip Coleman Blog

Things to appreciate about a pandemic I know this might push your buttons.How can you appreciate a pandemic?But grab a cuppa and indulge me. Humans are so complex and yet so simple. I love to travel overseas, push myself out of my comfort zone, stand in ancient temples, eat strange food, get lost in cities […]

Upgrade Your Life

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As we move into 2022 most people are hoping for a ‘new year, new start’ … but, as my business coach always says, ‘hope is not a strategy!’.Denise Dudfield-Thomas runs a Money Bootcamp and she has an incremental upgrade process that we did relating to our money that was really revealing. We were asked to […]

5 tips for stress-free holiday gatherings

Pip Coleman Blog

5 tips for stress-free holiday gatherings1. Let go of expectation – we often have unrealistic expectations. Let go, and you will be able to see all there is to celebrate. Sometimes this means doing some forgiveness work – about others and yourself – and this is actually simpler than you might imagine. Write down 10 things […]