CAN coloured clothing make you feel better?

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Well I am glad you asked … this week’s blog is about using colour to lift your mood. If you have ever felt low on energy or just a bit ‘blah’ … it probably would not have occurred to you to look at what you are wearing.
Recent studies into colour and light energy have shown that if we wear dull or dark colours it tends to affect our mood, keeping us in a low vibrational state.
The current research shows that the colours that lift our mood most effectively are the ones that match the colours of our chakras (energy centres of the body)**.
* White activates the crown chakra (top of the head),
* Purple activates the third eye chakra (between the eyebrows)
* Blue activates the throat chakra (throat area)
* Green & Pink activates the heart chakra (heart area)
* Yellow activates the solar plexus chakra (stomach area)
* Orange activates the sacral chakra (lower abdomen area)
* Red activates the base chakra (base of the spine)
That is why we use crystals of the same colours to amplify and clear the chakras when we do a crystal chakra balance. *Check out the Crystals 101 course starting on the 22nd March – if you want to learn more.
So, when you want to feel better, reach for your brightest scarf, rainbow skirt or your old ‘flouro’ 1980’s t-shirt … it’ll perk you right up!
p.s. the laugh you will have when you see yourself in the mirror (especially with the ‘flouro’ t-shirt on) will only help to increase the effects of the coloured clothes.
May you feel the good colour vibes this week.
Blessings Pip xxx

**NOTE: The chakra system points out that all the energy sustaining us is ultimately spiritual energy. Each chakra is visualized as a spinning wheel along the spine. The spinning refers to the chakra acting like a generator. A little dynamo of life energy. But because this energy is spiritual, it is not like electricity. Spiritual energy is intelligent. It brings you everything you need in life. It makes wishes become reality. It removes obstacles that stand in your way.

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