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In writing this book I discovered the purpose of my life and my business: I’m here to teach people to accept themselves as equally Divine unique souls.

Pip Coleman

This isn’t an ordinary working-on-a-cruise-ship story.  When I took the job as a Social Host on a cruise ship, I had no idea that it would lead to discovering my authentic self and opening me up to a new life path.

“The first three years of my cruise ship life were intense and full of crazy incidents – including sex, drugs, ships breaking down, Mexican tattoos and lots more. During the second three years of my cruise ship life, I decided to bring the soul back.” 

I began to teach meditation and self-development classes on board; met some incredible, soulful, spiritual people and learned some wonderful lessons.  And I also deepened my own journey of spiritual development, connected with departed loved ones, tapped into the wisdom of Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ and began manifesting a whole new life. 

“I was drowning in triviality of my job until I taught my first Wellness class … I gave myself the gift of fulfillment.”

In writing this book I discovered the purpose of my life and my business:  I’m here to teach people to accept themselves as equally Divine unique souls. By accepting myself fully, I’m modelling and supporting self-acceptance for others.

Now I run my own business in Victoria (Phillip Island) as a Reiki Master, Bowen Therapist, Public speaker, Psychic Development and Meditation teacher.

Pip Coleman Testimonial Brian David Bruns

Finding my Soul at Sea is raw as ship life
and just as rewarding.

“A funny, fresh spin on the cruise industry, Pip Coleman’s journey to self-acceptance is a must-read for crew and passengers alike. Finding my Soul at Sea is raw as ship life and just as rewarding.”  

Brian David Bruns, author of Cruise Confidential series

Pip Coleman Testimonial Dr Carol Head

Pip shows us that our life’s journey can lead us to a place of greater spiritual connection if we allow ourselves to take that path.

“In her new book Pip shares the unique story of her journey on a cruise ship with liveliness and great humour.  Her stories show us that we can either live a life dictated by others or we can shift to living a life that is designed by our soul. Becoming authentic and real is always a hard task in a world that pays more attention to the superficialities; doing so on a cruise ship sounds even tougher. Yet Pip shows us that our life’s journey can lead us to a place of greater spiritual connection if we allow ourselves to take that path.”

Dr Carol Head, Integrative General Practitioner and author of ‘Holistic Medicine – Beyond the Physical’. 

Pip Coleman Testimonial Catherine DeVrye

this book gives you the inside story with a surprising twist

‘If you’ve ever been curious about what happens behind the crew only door on a cruise ship, this book gives you the inside story with a surprising twist; as the author shares a spiritual element that tests her moral compass – not for the faint-hearted or politically correct.’  

Catherine DeVrye (Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year. Australian Executive Woman of the Year. Best-selling Author of: Hope Happens; Hope as my Compass/Who Says I Can’t; Good Service is Good Business; Hot Lemon & Honey and The Gift of Nature).

Book Reviews

some nice words

“Pip’s adventures of working on a cruise ship are exciting and fun. I really enjoyed so many of the stories she shared in the first half of the book, during the first three years of her adventures out at sea. I especially enjoyed the Sonny Bono Karaoke episode, including the upside down moustache, and the challenges of dealing with difficult guests and the occasional staff members as well as all the fun times too. 
I particularly enjoyed reading about Pip’s transformation from a regular games and party host onboard to someone really wanting to make a difference in her own life and in the lives of others too. Through her meditation classes and Destiny Drawing sessions (they sounded amazing!), Pip began making ‘real’ connections with the guests but, more importantly, connections with her true self. Pip showed us not to be afraid of standing up for ourselves and to be strong for what we believe in.
Pip learned how to “be empowered, and more authentic” – valuable lessons we can all take onboard in our own lives, whether on land or sea. Thanks for the inspirational read Pip – congratulations on a great book!”
Kerry McGennison

“This book takes you on an emotional and spiritual journey through chapters right out of Pip’s life story book. I laughed, I cried, I was truly moved by the candor and honesty of her experiences and felt like I was part of the story.  It gives a very realistic look into what ‘ship life’ is like.  It is completely relatable and captivating, I honestly had a hard time putting it down.  This book inspires you to search for more in life, never settle or try to be what others think you should be.  And most importantly follow your heart, don’t be afraid to take risks and makes mistakes as it may lead you to a place where you are able to live your best and most authentic life.” Cassandra.​

“An honest, entertaining and eye-opening account of life as a social host on board various cruise ships over a period of six years.  Pip regales us with stories which help to illustrate how, over time, she was able to spread her wings and find herself, as well as her true purpose in life.  A highly recommended read whether you’re on the spiritual path, or headed elsewhere!” Beverley. 

“It was wonderful to relive stories, places and experiences that only who has worked on ships can relate to! This unique book has made me laugh, as well as got me very emotional at times.  Pip is a beautiful kind soul and it is so amazing how living and working on ships has brought her to where she is now, physically and especially spiritually. A true self discovery, at times challenging, but that helps you really see how important it is to listens to your inner voice and follow what feels right.” Deborah.

“A wonderful collection of stories that are quite real to anyone who has had the privilege of working on a cruise ship.  This is a very personal book which takes you on a journey about self discovery, and in the process, inspires you to find your own calling.  An excellent read!” Nathan. 

“Pip Coleman’s pioneer book, ‘Finding My Soul At Sea’ is truly an entertaining read. The enlightening and true to life stories she shares, capture the journey to her authentic self.  Love, lust, disappointment, heart break, humour are some, but not all the experiences captured within this book.  To discover them all, you will need to read …” Claire.

“What an amazing story of where our souls can lead us if we are only brave enough to follow.  I knew she was brave when she first set off from Tasmania, roaming around the world and then on to cruise ships performing for thousands at a time. It wasn’t until she left that all behind to take a chance on a spiritual quest that I realised that she is one of the most courageous and inspiring people that I know.” Anita. 

“I finally finished your lovely story of finding your soul at sea. I loved your story and so glad you found your “authentic you” which is such a powerful part of your book. You grew and blossomed as a woman on your journey working on the cruise ships however you grew and blossomed as a person, spiritually and , as you say authentically finding your true and divine path. I wish you every success with your fantastic novel.”

“An insight of Pip’s life travelling the seas what a delight to read her book and how she became to where she is today – reading her adventures made me laugh, made me blush (lol), cry and of course, happy that she finally found what she was searching for.  So if you haven’t brought her book do so, as it’s light and enjoyable read. Thank you Pip for allowing an insight to your life.” Sharron. 

“Once I started Pip’s book, it was difficult to stop – so I read it in a day! I enjoyed the stories which painted a wonderful picture of life on board cruise ships. Some hilarious, some sad and some in between. What I liked most about the book was the theme of becoming and owning your authenticity – and the journey to discovering that for yourself. Thank you Pip for sharing your stories and your soul with us.” Rosalie. 

“Part one of this book was like walking though my own memories of working on a cruise ship! So many times was I caught laughing out loud on the train ride to work while reading. I was transported from the ship bubble back to my commute to work with a single chuckle! Although Pip’s experiences concluded three years prior to mine beginning, I can definitely connect and appreciate the experience she has had. Yes, passengers really do switch off their brains when they board a cruise ship. What a perfect reflection of what it’s actually like to live on the ocean. Definitely a book to read if your wanting to understand what it’s like to live this lifestyle. Well written Pip, thanks for taking me on your adventure!” Koralie.

“What can I say, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one and when I did well, I couldn’t put it down. Loved loved all the stories, made me happy, sad and most importantly red in the face. Boy you got up to some crazy stuff and let me say very heated as well. A must read book and what a way to start 2020. Thank you so much Pip for allowing us into your world.” Connie. 

“I just finished reading Pip Coleman’s book, “Finding my Soul at Sea” while on my Christmas holidays. Wow, what a great read, totally loved it all! I enjoyed hearing about her  adventures, gosh she got up to a lot of cheeky stuff, reminded me of my time living and travelling overseas in my 20’s, had lots of cheeky fun like Pip too. I like the fact that she wasn’t too afraid to try new things and her adventures on the high seas gave her plenty of occasions to experience things that she would have never experienced had she stayed in Tasmania. What bravery she had! I also love how Pip’s eventual boredom of the antics and frivolity lead her to search for something more… What a fab book Pip, you should be so proud of yourself for putting it out there. Can’t wait for the launch!” Tania.

​”I really enjoyed reading this book. Pip shares her experience of shipboard life with raw candour and humour. She is an amazing leader, showing an ability to deal with the many challenges she faced with an eclectic group of crew and guests to keep happy. Not an easy task. I admired the way Pip felt she could offer more to the guests whilst embarking on her own personal journey of self-improvement. It was a big step after years of living the rather artificial and promiscuous life on board luxury liners. I found this memoir to be raw and real, written from the heart with humour and honesty. The thing that shines through to me is AUTHENTICITY. Congratulations Pip, I loved your book and meeting you on Zoom!
Jenny Old – Author – Back of Beyond / Innocent Nurses Abroad

“Pip, I just finished reading your book, it was a delightful read, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Well done.
From a passengers perspective, having the entertainment staff at disembarking is nice, as you get to thank them for all the entertainment they provided (l hadn’t thought of the security aspect, though).
I loved to read about the places you’ve been, you made me want to zip line in Costa Rica. 
The way the Captain made fun of the guests upset me (I’m often the woman in a frock that’s too tight). 
I know meet and greets can be frustratingly repetitive, but l hate to think of people being made fun of. 
When you and Leo broke up, was really sad. I was like nooooooooo!
The lack of team work you experienced at the end annoyed me.
I loved your honesty about the work, the people you worked with and the insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Amanda.

“Hey Pip!  I finished reading Finding my Soul at Sea. I loved your book! I have to tell you, you are an amazing story teller.  Your book kept me intrigued and interested! 
Finding my Soul at Sea had me laughing, crying, and moments of wow I had not idea! (why would I) 
You know I had a feeling on what goes on in a ship with crew, though not to the extent of some moments that made me laugh … and I mean really laugh, and the wow never through of that kinda of thing would happen. Like the Morgue and the extra sweets story. 🙂 
I found myself last year when I was in Queensland and I was out on the balcony seeing a ship docked in the water!  I now look at ships so differently. I had to take a photo it at night. And I wondered “what is going on in that ship tonight?” It was so lit up and it just took me to your stories. 
I have to say that this whole book was very entertaining. One of the stories was about love how you can love so much and so quickly … as I related to it! Oh and another one of my fav is … The greek god, oh … and the best handprint ever!! Haha … I love, love Part 2 … how you found another part of your (spiritual) growth you start the freedom of another journey.  I have to say at times I do go back to it to open it up randomly (like an oracle) and I find a funny story, or a message of what is required in that moment. 
I have so many great moments (in my life) even when my mind thinks its not a great moment we can always find the experience of growth in the story to turn anything around.. 
Honestly people read the book! Well done PIP!!  Is there another one? 
With Gratitude Marg!” Margaret Ioannidis – Spiritess – www.spiritess.com – Clyde North, Victoria. 

“Your book, Pip, came to me at a time when I needed something to take my mind off my life. It did that and a lot more than give me a laugh and something to read. It cleansed me of my worries and showed me that if you can make your life on board the ships suit you, by making people realize there is more to life and a different way to live happily in their world. You created your life,  your happiness, the way you wanted it to be.  Your book, and the things you have taught me over the years,  have given me the tools to start to fix my life and my happiness.
I never knew where to start my book, but your book inspired me to start with pen and paper. And with hard work and persistence I will find my happy place in life, no matter what people think or say or how they judge me. I can be myself and make my world a happy place to live. What I take from your book “Finding my Soul at Sea”, is that life is about doing what makes yourself happy, not anyone else. But if it makes them happy too, thats a good thing… thank you and I cant wait for you next book. xoxo” Rebecca

“Reading Pip’s new book definitely brought back fun and exciting memories of my cruise ship adventures.  Pip shares her spiritual journey in this book, with such humour and authenticity.  It not only takes courage to express oneself with authenticity, but also takes time to find the true self through life’s experiences.  Pip was able to take us on her six year journey through her experiences working in the cruise ship industry, until she found her WHY or purpose in life.  If you’re looking for a travel read or on a spiritual  journey to find your purpose, then this book is for you.”  Heather – True Colours Healing.

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