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Did you know that Bowen Therapy can be used for balancing emotions?

A study conducted in 1993 by Ashley Pritchard at Swinburne University concluded that “…Bowen technique therapy significantly reduced subjects level of anxiety and enhanced individuals positive feelings by reducing tension, anger, depression, fatigue and confusion. In addition to these subjective measures, heart rate and muscle tension tended to decrease from baseline, providing further indication of relaxation.”

When we feel physical pain it makes sense to book a massage treatment, but when we feel mental or emotional pain it is not always the first thought to book a Bowen Therapy session.

Bowen Therapy is based on the concept of resetting the body to stimulate energy flow and allow the body to heal itself. The gentle moves over the fascia (connective tissue) align and balance the body on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Our bodies store emotions in different areas. Some people have a stiff neck when they are stressed. Some people have stomach issues when they are worried. Some people have sore shoulders when they are taking on too much responsibilities.

By using Bowen moves we can release tension on many levels. It will not remove the outside stresses in our lives but it will make them easier to handle if we are calm, relaxed and balanced. PC

Call today to book in a Bowen Therapy session with Pip Coleman on 0437 670 820.

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