I’ve forgotten to BE …

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This week’s blog is about emotions … As I was crying this morning watching Facebook videos of empowered women, I realised that I’ve had quite an emotional month, and I’ve not let myself fully embrace or honour all of those emotions. That might seem a bit counter-intuitive for me … I mean, I teach people how to get […]

Things to appreciate about a pandemic

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Things to appreciate about a pandemic I know this might push your buttons.How can you appreciate a pandemic?But grab a cuppa and indulge me. Humans are so complex and yet so simple. I love to travel overseas, push myself out of my comfort zone, stand in ancient temples, eat strange food, get lost in cities […]

Upgrade Your Life

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As we move into 2022 most people are hoping for a ‘new year, new start’ … but, as my business coach always says, ‘hope is not a strategy!’.Denise Dudfield-Thomas runs a Money Bootcamp and she has an incremental upgrade process that we did relating to our money that was really revealing. We were asked to […]

5 tips for stress-free holiday gatherings

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5 tips for stress-free holiday gatherings1. Let go of expectation – we often have unrealistic expectations. Let go, and you will be able to see all there is to celebrate. Sometimes this means doing some forgiveness work – about others and yourself – and this is actually simpler than you might imagine. Write down 10 things […]

When the ground is shaking beneath us…

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On September 22nd our Mother Earth decided to rock Victoria with a 5.9 tremor and it made us all say (or at least think) …  seriously … what else? We’ve already been feeling unstable, uncertain and off-kilter with the pandemic and now an EARTHQUAKE?!After the initial shock of this event, I wondered … earthquakes could […]

I tried to be popular, a dork, and a nerd!

​​WORTHINESS CHAT with Michele Scott – 12th Sept 2021 PART ONEMichele: Oh, welcome back. You are listening to Wellness Conversations and my name is Michelle Scott, and each week we come into this space to share wellness stories, wellness tools, and wellness therapies. It’s very simple. It’s all aimed at growing better, not a bitter […]

STOP scaring yourself … call your power back!

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Interview with Michele Scott on Casey Radio 17th August 2021 Michele: My name is Michelle Scott on the founder of Our Wellness Community. Our Wellness Community is a beautiful space online for wellness in body, mind, heart. Every week we come into this (radio) space to tell a story, to share some tools and therapies and information, in […]

Have you cried yet (today)?

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As I finished my online yoga class on Monday morning, I was feeling good … but also … hmm … wobbly. There I was sitting on my mat, waving to my instructor, my body was feeling strong and relaxed.And my mind was more aligned and clear.But I was about to get up when a wave […]

Are you certain?

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This week has been intense for everyone, lockdown 5.0 in Victoria, I mean … come on … again!!? *sigh* It’s easy to get caught up in the drama, the frustration, the disappointment and the stress. Right?I am not immune to the stress. Being a Wellness Coach and Reiki Master does not mean that I am a picture of […]

How about the fear?

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Are you finding yourself talking about COVID in every conversation?Do you start out talking about the book you are reading or the meeting you just had, and suddenly … you are back to COVID again?Do you wake up and go to sleep still thinking about all the bad stuff going on in the world?I want […]