What the heck is a Divine-ologist?

These last few months, I’ve been working with my business coach to upgrade my 1:1 coaching program and recently she asked me to come up with a statement to describe who I am and what I do. I said: “When I started out 25 years ago I used to call myself a Reiki practitioner and […]

It was a no-brainer!

Guess what?! The owners of my space in Cape Woolamai have taken the house off the market and have offered for me to stay for another 12 months.So even though I had packed up, done a garage sale, sold some of my stuff, and planned to move to Queensland … it was a no-brainer to […]

It’s time to say goodbye!!

It’s time to say goodbye.It’s been 10 years … well at the end of July it will be 10 years that I’ve lived on Phillip island.My sister and I moved from Melbourne, because we were fed up … and thinking “there’s too many people in this city and we need a dose of Vitamin sea” […]

Is your partner terrible at buying gifts?

Is your partner terrible at buying gifts for Mother’s Day? Do your children ask … ‘Mum, what do you want for a present?’ Would you love to reconnect with your Mum (on the other side)? This week I was thinking about all the mothers out there who are likely to get mugs, or hand-made pottery […]

Want to soothe headaches and more with Reiki? (you already know how)

What if you could soothe your own pain and your family too? Not with drugs. But with energy healing. We all do it, to some degree … when you put your hands on your aching head, or rub your anxious belly, or pat someone’s back when they feel sad. Our natural abilites to heal are […]

Do you ask for what you want? or do you hope they’ll guess?

Are you good at asking for what you want? Do you know what you like and don’t like? Do you express your desires outloud (or even to yourself)? As women, we have not generally been encouraged to express our desires, wants and needs. We have mostly been told by society that we should first serve […]

Trauma – when do you need a Therapist and when do you need a Coach?

I’ve had this question a lot over the years. Do I need a therapist, a counsellor or a coach?  And the best way to answer that is to see where you’re at in, what I call, the ‘trauma cycle’ …  When you are at the beginning of the traumatic event or situation eg. you have just […]

Saying Yes and then saying No

Did you know that you are allowed to change your mind? Yes. It’s true … we have been told “You make your bed, you’ve gotta lie in it!” and “You get what you get and you don’t complain!” … Well it turns out … that’s a whole lotta B.S!! Yep! I have been struggling with […]

Reiki distance energy healing actually works!

For thousands of years, our ancestors have been using energy healing, indigenous herbs, moon cycles, and other natural remedies to stay healthy, relax, manifest, celebrate, help their family and work on community issues. It’s only been in the last 150 years that modern medicine has stepped into the spotlight and taken us down new paths […]

Reiki stops me from strangling people!

This is the story of how one of my client’s surprised me.I was asking people who had done my Reiki courses to give me some honest feedback.It is not always easy to hear feedback, however, I have learned to listen without judgement.But this comment really got me. “I am SO GLAD that I did the […]