Focus on balancing spirituality and practicality – it’s the full moon in Virgo!

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This week is the full moon in Virgo on 7th March 2023. **Listen to the podcast episode here.

Times: LA – 04:40 / NY – 07:40 / London – 12:40 / Sydney – 23:40

The theme of this full moon is “the end of an era” and the focus is on balancing spirituality and practicality … which is right up my alley … because THAT IS my zone of genius. That’s what divine-ology is … re-aligning the earthly stuff and the divine soul … within you … and in your daily life. That’s what gets me excited. I love helping my clients to do this powerful integration.

The energy of this moon is extra powerful … mainly because it is taking place at the same time as Saturn changes signs … Saturn makes us stronger and more resilient. And since it’s moving into the sign of Pisces it’s now ending a time of hardship (think pandemic) … and into a time of balance.

The other energy of this full moon is a focus on alternative health … so reflect on the lessons you’ve learned about your health and the benefits of alternative health over the last few years. Think about how you can incorporate more self-care into your life going forward.

If you are feeling some confusion right now, that’s probably because Mars and Neptune are clashing and so you might now know exactly where to focus your attention right now.

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Declutter your home and make space for the new to come in
  • Sort out an upset with a friend or family member (clear old grudges and do some letting go)
  • Make plans to eat more healthily (and stick to it)
  • Write ideas for morning and evening routines (particularly focusing on spiritual connection)
  • Balance your body with both active and soothing activity (eg. Yoga and tennis)
  • Meditate daily to balance your mind and heart (eg. Try my 5-minute meditation for beginners or my Divine Reconnection app for longer meditations – 30 mins)

Check out the Divine Reconnection app here.

Try the 5-minute beginner meditations here.

  • Clear out your fridge
  • Reset your finances / ask for help from an advisor or bookkeeper

Now is the ideal time to make a plan to bring more spiritual activities into your daily routine.

Full Moon Ritual for this week – ideally on the 7th March but within 3 days is okay.

  • Write down a list of the people, situations and things that you want to forgive and release
  • Answer these questions:
  • 1. What am I holding onto from the past that is weighing me down?
  • 2. What is my priority for my spiritual life this year?
  • Then burn the list of things to release and say “I forgive and release this energy of drama to the full moon, and I now allow the energy of peace to be my focus.”

On Thursday 9th March at 6.30pm (Melbourne daylight savings time) I am doing my full moon in Virgo meditation which will focus on the affirmation of “I am good enough” and call in the Goddess Ceres (goddess of the harvest) to help you implement your spiritual goals and take better care of yourself.

Book for the moon meditation here.

Look forward to meeting you soon.

Blessings Pip

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