B.F.F’s … who do you love?

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This week’s blog is about BFF’s … best friends forever …
No I am not having a flash-back to 1989!
I want to remind you how AAAAAMAZING it is to have people who love and support you.
How INCREDIBLE it is to speak honestly to people and not be judged.
How HEART-WARMING it is to share your beliefs and be fully heard.
How BRILLIANT it is to be able to call Canada on FaceTime and talk for 2 hours as if your friend is just next door.
Do you have friends like that?
Jim Rohn says that ‘you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ 
That is an AHA moment for a lot of people.
It makes you stop and think right?
After a wonderful conversation like this morning, I am reminded to more often include some ‘long-distance’ BFF’s into my life.
It raises my vibration.
It lifts my heart.
It makes me smile.
It gives me energy (the good kind).
That sort of conversation can buoy me for a few days.
Imagine if you added some more regular BFF talks into your week or your day.
Imagine if … instead of talking to the ‘drama-masters’ in your life … you gave more time to the BFF’s.
Why don’t we do it?
Well, I think it is because we get energy from drama.
It’s not the good kind that makes you feel warm and fuzzy though … huh?
It’s the agitated, weird, anxious kind, that makes you all churned up in your belly. 
It’s also encouraged culturally too … don’t you think?
The news reports lead with drama; adverts are dramatic; most TV shows are drama-filled; and we are strangely fascinated with the drama of other people’s lives. 
I find that I am drawn to these things when I am trying to distract myself from my life.
When I am focusing on myself and living my own life, I am less drawn to the list of drama-masters above.
So, I am asking you this week to be aware and consider:
a) Where are you getting drawn in by the ‘drama-masters’?
b) Who are your BFF’s that support and life you up?
c) How can you spend more time with group B and less time with group A?
Being awake and aware is the first step.
Blessings Pip x
p.s. Let me know if you need any support in your awakening process.

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