Are you waking up anxious?

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This week’s blog is about how to manage and soothe your worried mind. 

A lot of my clients, friends and family not only say they wake up anxious, but they go to bed anxious too. 
I’ve been there too. 

There is a lot of stuff happening in the world. Yes. That’s true. 
And I’ll say to you … please know that you are not responsible for ALL of that. 
You can’t heal or fix the whole wide world. 
But you can heal YOUR personal world.  
Take a breath … it’s easier than you think

In this expanded time of television and internet connection we are being presented with a lot more choices. 
And it means that we need to choose what serves us rather than allowing whatever comes up to be our reality. 

What I’m saying is … once upon a time when we lived in small tribes the issues of our family and community were our only concern. 
We literally didn’t get information about other communities or counties.
It wasn’t even slightly in our zone of attention. 

So, if you are feeling anxious … even a low level of unidentifiable anxiety … you are probably in need of these 3 tips today. 

Before we even start … I want to say that we need to minimise phone, tv and computer use.
I will put my hand up and say … including me. (as I write this blog on my iPhone. 😁)
A quick scroll through your Facebook before bed (or when you wake up) is actually going to amp-up your anxiety significantly.
Trust me! 
Even if you have culled your friends, so you ONLY see positive posts and ‘the good news network’ group – stop it!! 
I’m serious! Stop 🛑 
Take your time and power back. 

My 3 top anxiety reducing tips!
1. Sleep 
2. Nature 
3. Local focus rather than international 

1. So, sleep … most of us are terrible with our sleep routine.
Different time to bed. Different time to rise. Lights or phones nearby. Noisy environment. 
Oh boy! 
Consider changing one of this list of things to improve your sleep and you’ll notice a difference:
– intend to go to bed and get up at the same time each day.
– dark room (maybe with a very gentle night light).
– no tv or phone one hour before bed.
– eye mask (if you’re very sensitive).
– write our your worries from the day onto a piece of paper – get them out of your body and mind (you can then burn or flush or throw them in the bin) symbolic letting go really works. 
– write a gratitude list in a journal (5-10 things) that lit you up today. Keep this and read it often. 
– pray to your guardian angels (or God or Buddha or the Universe) to take care of everything that’s not in your control. And to guide you to take care of things that are – i.e. your mind, body and emotions. 
– the final step is use music, nature sounds, a meditation or you could use the Calm app ‘bedtime stories’
** I just discovered that Matthew McConaghy (my celebrity crush) reads a bedtime story called ‘Wonder’ in the Calm app. His soothing Texan accent was amazing. The story was nice too. Last night I slept better than I have in weeks!!!!  Check it out. 

2. Ahhh Nature … I remember when I’ve lived in cities around the world – when I made the effort to go out at lunch time or after work to walk in the park or beach or the tree near the cafe, I felt A LOT less anxious than when I didn’t.
Nature grounds us. 
Nature reconnects is to ourselves.
Nature allows us to breathe better.
Nature reminds us where we fit. 
Nature is alive. 
Nature has a rhythm of balance. 
10 minutes of nature each day will help. 
You can do this. 

3. Local vs international focus. 
It’s very easy to be drawn into the drama of the wider world. 
Be mindful and aware of how you feel after you watch the news or any video or show. 
Are you feeling agitated? Angry? Frustrated? Worried? Hopeless? 
For me these are CLEAR signs that I’m are taking on something that’s not my responsibility. 

I’ve talked about the news before. 
And mostly I avoid watching or reading the news. 
However, even if I completely avoid it I still feel a low level of anxiety… picking up other people’s concerns and stress.
So, sometimes I will watch or read particular stories – but only when my energy is high and I feel strong. 

And, I have learnt to take care of myself MORE when I start to feel anxious. 
I don’t numb myself with alcohol or drugs anymore.
And I don’t want to stay in the lower vibe state or ignore it anymore.  
I meditate, walk, ride, dance, sing, do a yoga class, nap, read, listen to hay house radio … anything that I know will raise my spirits. 
And if my first choice doesn’t quite shift me, I keep doing more things until I feel better. 

Robert Holden says ‘anxiety is a call to love yourself even more’.
What are you going to choose from the list to do this week? 
If you like, you can let me know by commenting on this blog or replying to my email:

Blessings Pip 

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