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This week’s blog is about INSPIRED action …
I have had a really BIG week. It was SO big, that I feel the need to tell you that it was BIG. *laugh*

As you may know … I have started the publishing process of my book – Finding my Soul at Sea – about my experiences working on board cruise ships.

I’ve been excited, nervous and excited. But I’ve got a deep knowing in my heart and soul that this is my next big step forward. It feels right. 

And in the last month I’ve been focusing on manifesting that book in the fastest, smoothest and most supportive way. 

On the 15th May there was a new moon. The new moon is all about setting intentions for what you want to create in your life.

So, I spent some time writing down my intentions about the book, my love life, my business, my family, my finances and my health. 

And I read them out loud as affirmations or declarations (also called in the elemental energies of the Fairies to assist – as they are BRILLIANT at manifesting goals and desires) … and added a bit of Reiki energy healing … and then I let it go – because the next step is allowing.

Then a few magical things happened after the 15th of May:
1. I had a very emotional conversation with my sister about ‘things not working out the way that I thought they should’ – cue tears and irrational thoughts. She gave me great comfort and good advice. 

2. I bought some mix-my-own chai latte packets and started a ‘chai savings’ account at my bank to save the $5 each day that I was spending on takeaway drinks. *Now I have $20 saved already! 

3. I did some networking and met some lovely people who said they would be interested in giving me some part-time work (2 days a week).

4. I got a call from the N.E.I.S (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) program to tell me that I had been accepted to join the training, so that I can create a business plan and be supported in the publishing and launching of my book.


5. The Reiki Level One course (starting on Wednesday 23rd) got another booking – Yay!

I was as surprised as anyone – to be honest – sometimes I forget that I have extraordinary power to manifest what I want in my life. 

I am delighted and excited by all the possibilities showing up. 

It’s clear that if we combine our own power of focus, intention and action with the power of the moon (that is the energy of the Universe) it is even MORE effective.

Much love and blessings

p.s. If you’d like to check out some good websites for following the moon or the planetary energies … check out these:

Yasmin Boland –
Susan Miller –

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