Are you in ‘dimmer-mode’ ?

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This week’s blog is about feeling connected. 
I woke up this morning feeling worried. 
About money … 
About family … 
About my business … 
About the world … 
About my health … 
I was feeling very disconnected. 
So I did my usual morning routine, and listened to my favourite meditation (twice). Then I did a ride on my bike. 
And as I rode I was listening to Kyle Gray (author and angel coach) and he reminded me that we are all equally worthy and able to connect to our Angels. 
You are just as connected as me.
I’m just as connected as him. 
Let that sink in for a minute. 
I had to stop riding for a bit to process. 
Generally yes, I do feel very connected, but I wouldn’t have said I was AS connected at Kyle Gray or James Van Prague or Colleen Baron-Cohen or Sonia Choquette. 
They are professionals. 
They do it all the time. 
I’m just … me … 
Kyle said we are all WORTHY of the same connection. 
Something inside me got very excited. 
My soul ?? 😉
It occurred to me that … wow … wait … okay … if this is the truth … if I shift my belief from “I am SOMETIMES connected” … to … “I am ALWAYS connected” … then I COULD be as connected as them. 
In essence I AM always connected.
My essential Soul-Self IS always connected. 
And YOU ARE connected …
Imagine that you are like a light but you might have the switch off … or put on ‘low dimmer’. 
Esther & Abraham Hicks says that when you feel bad you are pinching yourself off from Source. 
You are not dis-connected. 
You are in dimmer-mode. 
So, how do I get more connected? 
Well … 
After I ride I feel connected. 
After meditating 
After teaching a course  
After seeing an inspiring or funny movie
After eating a high vibe meal 
After talking to someone on my wavelength 
After writing my blog 😉
This week … I want to encourage you to notice when you feel most connected. 
Pssst … the key is that you feel good. 
And then … DO MORE if those things. 
Blessings Pip x

p.s. Here is a little treat … check out this very special song: “I am light” by India Arie CLICK HERE
p.p.s. Esther Hicks – books – The Law of Attraction and Getting in the Vortex
p.p.p.s. Kyle Gray – books – Light Warrior and Angel Prayers

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