Are you feeling stuck, frustrated or bored?

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​This week’s blog is about starting fresh. 
As I woke up this morning I thought: “I need to re-set how I’m working.”
And it makes perfect sense I’d feel that. Easter and the full moon is a time to release the old and clean the slate. 
Have you been doing things the same way your whole life? 
Are you feeling stuck, frustrated or bored? 
Do you feel the need to shake things up a bit? 
Now, I’m not suggesting you sell your belongings, shave your head and move to Greece … although … that would be very cleansing. 😉
It’s about driving a different route to work. 
It’s about choosing a different meal at your favourite restaurant. 
It’s about telling the truth instead of lying. 
It’s about reading a self improvement book and actually doing the exercises. 
It’s about booking that course you’ve been considering for months (or years). 
It’s about opening your own saving account. 
The smallest shift can really affect your life in an amazing way. 
I mean what if you started saying no when you don’t want to do things? 
This is a big one … 
I know a lot of my wellness tribe struggle with saying no. 
So one of my favourite coaches Cheryl Richardson says to try this … 
When you are asked to do something and you’re not sure if you want to do it: 
1. Give yourself space (*see below for suggestions for words) 
2. Check in with your gut (if you feel doubt, obligation, or nausea – it’s a no!) 
3. Gracefully decline (*see examples below) 
Think about it like this. 
You’re not bringing your best self if you  say yes reluctantly … or from guilt or fear. 
You are potentially bringing your angry, resentful and frustrated self. 
Not very fun huh? 
And besides that … why would you want to tell yourself that your needs are not important? 
That’s what you are doing when you say yes … but you want to say no. 
I encourage you this week to practice the three steps above. 
And if you are really trying to reset your life, you can take up the 30 day challenge … to disappoint one person with this method every day. 
Oooooooooo … 
Say no with grace and love. 
Honour yourself. 
Then when you DO say yes it will be authentic and it will feel amazing!! 
Everyone benefits from that. 
Blessings Pip x

Cheryl Richardson – The Art of Extreme Self Care 
Give yourself Space by saying  … “Thank you for asking, I’ll get back to you tomorrow.” “I’m not sure if I can help, I need to check my diary.” 
Gut check reminder … if you feel in ANY way anxious, angry, resentful about saying yes … please DON’T do it. You are allowed to say no.
Saying No with grace and love … “I appreciate you asking me, but I’m not available to help you right now.” “I’d love to assist you but I’m busy that day/week.” “No, I’m not able to do that, perhaps someone else can help you.” “I don’t have time to fit that into my schedule. Thank you for understanding.” 

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