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This week has been intense for everyone, lockdown 5.0 in Victoria, I mean … come on … again!!? 
It’s easy to get caught up in the drama, the frustration, the disappointment and the stress. Right?
I am not immune to the stress. 
Being a Wellness Coach and Reiki Master does not mean that I am a picture of calm and serenity all the time.
Sometimes I watch back-to-back episodes of ‘Will and Grace’ and eat Twisties and drink wine.
Ha ha … we are all human. 
And when we are faced with uncertainty, we reach for the things that give us comfort.
Our brain needs to feel in control.
Our brain needs routine to feel safe.

David Gillespie says in his book ‘Brain Reset’ that when we have too much change or uncertainty (in the outside world) it can create fear, anxiety, anger and – if unresolved – depression. 

Lack of control is unsettling, and it causes spikes in dopamine in the brain, which affects our mood.
That low level anxiety that you feel can be relieved with a refocus of your attention. INWARD.
We are conditioned to look OUTWARD. 
To watch the tv for direction. 
To ask advice from our friends.

David Gillespie suggests that you can create certainty in your life, by having a routine or schedule that you do every day. 
Lockdown or not … you can do this routine and it will help you feel more calm and in control.

This reminded me of the David Attenborough documentaries about animal behaviour.
They all have a very clear set of behaviours that they do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
Birds fly South at certain times of the year. 
Wolves hunt in the morning and sleep in the afternoon.
Turtles lay their eggs on the same beach every year. 
These are not random behaviours. 
There is an important reason for this repetition.
It gives structure and security to their life. 

You can be responsible for your own certainty.
The whirlwind of chaos can whirl around you, and you can be aligned and peaceful and centred.

So, let’s practice some routines, some rituals, some certainty-creating actions.
A) exercise at the same times each day.
B) eat at the same times each day.
C) read inspiring stories (not drama)
D) soothe yourself with less-addictive things ie. minimise alcohol, drugs, social media, gambling.
E) watch the news once a day to be informed (ideally after 12pm … so you’ve done your self-care and you are in the best state)
F) share with people who honour and support your version of certainty.

You can be your own certainty-bringer.
Even when we are not in the middle of a pandemic, you can do this.
What a powerful skill to learn.

Blessings Pip 

p.s. Remember if you need help with resetting your mind-body-spirit, detaching from drama and re-aligning with your true purpose – get in touch with me about the Divine Alignment Coaching Program – CLICK HERE

Reference – Check out David Gillespie’s book.
“Brain Reset” – Break the cycle of anxiety, depression, stress and addiction and restore mental calm and stability.

Anxiety, depression and addiction are the scourge of modern-day living. How are they linked? How do we beat them?
According to bestselling author and researcher David Gillespie, we are more addicted than ever before, which is playing havoc with our dopamine levels. This is fuelling epidemic-like levels of depression, anxiety and stress.
Gillespie reveals a large and robust body of research that shows how addictive activities, such as screen use, sugar consumption, drinking, gambling, shopping and smoking, spike our dopamine levels. This, in turn, affects our brain’s ability to regulate our mood.
The good news is that we can break the cycle to make things better. There are myriad root causes of mental illness, many of which are beyond our control; David argues that it makes sense to tackle the thing that is within our control – our see-sawing dopamine levels.
Packed with cutting-edge research and practical advice, David’s latest book arms us with the tools we need to break our addictions, conquer uncertainty and reset our brains.

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