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This week’s blog is about asking for help … 
I grew up with parents who taught me to be independent. I am the eldest of 5 children, so I helped look after the ‘kids’ and learned very quickly how to take care of myself. 
I am not saying that I wasn’t loved, there was an abundance of love. 
I am saying that we were all taught to cook, clean and problem solve without needing to ask for help.
Yes, these are great skills. Very important for living in the world. 
Those of you with big families will resonate with that I’m sure.

One of the downsides to this is that I struggle to ask for help when I really need it. 
I find myself ‘battling through’ rather than reaching out to others to make life easier. 
And when I do reach out I have a feeling of guilt and shame that washes over me because I wasn’t able to do it alone. 
Anyone else feel this way?
Of course you do.

Our society has evolved (strangely) to be very ‘separate-focused’.
We are told that we need to ‘soldier on’ and ‘push through’ illness.
We are told that having a perfect nuclear family (2 adults and 2 kids) that live in their own house, completely separate from our extended family.
We are told there is not enough and that we have to compete for resources. 
We are told that it’s not okay to support each other.
I don’t think anyone can honestly argue that this is healthy!

In indigenous communities around the world they base their community on sharing and supporting one another. 
They base their societal values on the laws of nature.
All things are in balance in nature because each animal and element and plant supports those around them. 
It is only humans that don’t follow the laws of nature. 
We override and ignore them.
We have been arrogant and naive.

So, my wisdom today is to remind you that you are part of the natural cycle of the world (and the Universe).
You are a significant ingredient in the recipe.
You are genuinely important.
You matter.

And in knowing this, I’d like to remind you that you are allowed and deserve to be helped, supported and nurtured. 
You can and must ask for help.
It is what we are supposed to do.
It is our purpose to support and nurture each other. 

And it is my purpose to remind you to accept yourself, honour how you feel and what you need …. and allow others to help you. 
You are worthy. 
I see you.
Blessings Pip x

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