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This week’s blog is about your life purpose …
Have you ever felt like there was something missing in your life?
Have you ever felt like the rest of the world has it all together but you are a chaotic mess?
Have you ever felt that you are just ‘going through the motions’ but not achieving anything significant?
Have you ever asked the question: ‘Is there more to life than this?’
Why am I here? How can I help the world more? 
Well … if you answered yes to to these questions … you are starting to consider getting on the road to your life purpose. You are not alone. 
But having said that … you are not in the majority. Did you know that some people will NEVER ask ‘how can I contribute more to the world?’    
It’s true! They will be asleep their whole lives.
But not you!
You are a Seeker!
You are asking these questions.
You are AWAKE (or at least starting to wake up). 🙂
Getting the answer to these life purpose questions is different to asking ‘How do I get to Phillip Island?’ … there is a google map or a friend could tell you. 
When you ask the questions of life purpose … the answer comes from INSIDE rather than OUTSIDE yourself. 
You will get ‘gut feelings’ or intuitive guidance to follow.
You will have dreams that point you in the right direction.
You will meditate and see a next step to take.
You will suddenly feel the urge to go for a bike ride or visit a friend.
You will be compelled to buy a book or read an article or listen to a radio show that is the perfect information at you need to know. 
Generally we are much more practiced at getting our answers from outside of ourselves than inside.
Our upbringing and schooling has taught us that we are not able to answer questions ourselves. That is NOT true!
Our internal guidance system is SPOT ON … always.
​How many times have you said: ‘I wish I’d listened to my gut. I knew I shouldn’t date that guy/girl?’ 
You know what is right for you. You are just out of practice. 
If you’d like to get more practice, I have a ‘What is your life purpose’ class on Wednesday 14/3 @10am. 
And your Friday Freebie this week will be a handout from Robert Holden (Success Coach) called: ‘9 questions to discovering your life purpose’.

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