Are you asking ‘what’s the point of my life?’

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In December of 2022 one of my favourite dancers, Stephen TWITCH Boss, at 40 years old, took his own life. It was shocking. The world was gobsmacked that a person who seemed to be so happy and successful would feel like there was no other way to stop their pain than to die. It’s not the only way to stop the pain, but when you are disconnected from your Divine Soul it can feel that way.
And there’s a key part of the statement above – “person who seemed to be” … We are so conditioned to present only the good stuff to the world … I mean social media is a perfect example … that’s not real life. No-one is happy and perfect ALL the time. And we are comparing our lives to these manufactured ones. No wonder we feel inadequate.
And I want to be clear, that I am not dismissing or diminishing the truth of depression.
I am saying hopelessness is not a thing to be taken lightly.

Jean Shinoda Bolen says “If virtually nothing that we do in daily life is soul satisfying, … we become increasingly unreal to ourselves.” (p173 Crossing to Avalon)

And I believe that this “unreal” sensation is the at the core of hopelessness.
I spend a lot of my time helping my clients to find their soul again.
To tap back into their intuitive and wise self.
To feel more comfortable in their skin.
To remember that they are a Divine spark of light.
To feel reconnected to the Universe, the earth and the world.
To rediscover their unique life’s meaning.

Jean says “It is the soul that knows something is meaningful, that is moved by poetry and music, that recognizes what it loves and that it is loved, that is nourished by what we do … when what we do comes from our own depths.” (p173 Crossing to Avalon)

So I’d like to offer a couple of suggestions to you … if you are asking the question “what’s the point?”:
a) Answer that question … take some time and write down the answer. Be honest. What is your truth? Maybe you have never given yourself the space to really consider this. Questions don’t come up unless we are ready to answer them. And sometimes just acknowledging the hopelessness takes away 50% of the pain and fear. Then we see more clearly.

b) Take a breathe … close your eyes and breath in and out slowly. You are allowed to feel these feelings and write these truths. Notice when your ego starts talking about ‘how are you going to fix this?’ blah blah blah … Just notice … Your ego will always go to the survival mode. It thinks it’s keeping you safe. That’s it’s job. But I’d like you to notice what your soul is saying. It’s more of a whisper. It speaks about thriving. It comes from a place of lightness and joy. It is your true safety and security. It is the voice of hope. Listen and breath. Listen and feel.

**If you’d like to hear this as a guided process – please go to my podcast episode #145 to listen HERE.

c) If you’d like to super-charge this exercise … you can call into the meditation the Archangel Uriel to help with understanding or Goddess Kuan Yin for compassion.

d) Now that you see more clearly … from this space, what do you need now? Do you need some rest? Do you need a massage? Do you need a holiday? Do you need support? Do you need someone to talk to (who is not family)? Again … be honest. It’s safe for you to express this.

Please know that you are not alone. You have people who love and care about you. And your Divine Soul knows exactly what the point is … if you ask the question and then give yourself space and time to hear the answer.

In the meantime, I’d love to be there as part of your Earthly Support Team … whether it’s for spiritual coaching, energy healing or bodywork … please reach out if you have questions or would just like to have a conversation. You can book a complimentary Divine Discovery phone call (or zoom) on the link below:

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