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One of my first mentors used to say: ‘when you ask better questions, you get better answers.’
It made a lot of sense to me that if I am asking questions like: ‘Why me?’ or ‘What’s wrong with my life?’ or ‘When did things get so messed up?’ … the general vibe of my life is not going to be great. 
So, I would like to share with you some of my favourite ‘Seeker’ questions that I ask my coaching clients, as we begin our journey, to understand where you are now and where you want to be in your life. 

1. What have been my successes, so far? 
2. How would I like to leave this world a better place?
3. How would I like to serve?
4. What would I like the legacy of my life to be?
5. How am I expressing my creativity?
6. What would I like to world to know? 
7. What do I believe in? What is my spiritual connection? 
8. When do I feel like I am following my joy? 
9. When do I feel most alive? 
10. How would you like to express love in the world?

I encourage you to choose at least one or two questions that resonate (or you could answer all of them if you feel inspired to take the enquiry deeper). 
Sit down in a quiet space with a notebook or journal, to write your answers.
Or you could speak the answers into the voice memos on your phone. 
The MOST important thing with this process is to be authentic and honest. 
And it’s okay if you feel emotional as you do this, that is your Soul / Inner Self confirming your truth. 
Then I’d love to hear about your ‘aha’ moments. 
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