Archangels can be the perfect alternative medicine for Contemporary Goddesses

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Are you feeling resentful and pissed off?
A lot of my Contemporary Goddess clients are (before they start working with me) LOL.
And it’s usually because they are over-giving in some areas (possibly ALL) of their life and NO ONE APPRECIATES how much they do!
Is that you?
Well, I hear you … that sucks!
And … can I ask you to be honest …
Are you giving and giving and … expecting something specific in return?
I know that might be a weird question because the universe does love balance.
Giving and receiving and giving and receiving.
But if you have an expectation that someone will receive your gift (of time or present or work) in the same way that you intend, that’s not how it works.
People have different perspectives on life.
How many times do you hear siblings sharing a story about their childhood and everyone remembers it differently. It was the same event. The same facts. But they have very different experiences.
It’s the same with giving.
Resentment builds up when we have a mistaken belief about reciprocation in kind.
And that’s where the Archangels can be the perfect spiritual alternative medicine.
I have created 15 x mini-meditations that you can use as a prescription to daily life issues.
Each Archangel has a specialty that you can access to realign and reset you anywhere, anytime.
Feeling resentful, unforgiving and angry … Archangel Uriel is the perfect antidote.
Feeling confused, lost, without purpose … Archangel Chamuel is your best support.
Feeling anxious or fearful … Archangel Michael will help give you peace.
Feeling pain … Archangel Raphael is a soothing balm.
And there’s 15 of them to choose from …
Please know … you don’t have to believe in Angels to get benefits from these meditations. They are non-denominational and very loving. You can call on them to help you with any struggles.
This will make a difference right now!
Reduce your stress, reconnect with yourself, bring in compassion, calm your fears, soothe resentment, heal pain, ease grief and much more.
If you’d like to try them out … they are a FREE gift on my website … check it out the home page at

And once you have the Archangel Prescriptions … and you’re ready to learn more about Divine Beings – like Angels, Animal Spirit Guides, Departed Loved Ones, Past Lives, Goddesses, and Ascended Masters. You’re probably also ready to reconnect with your Soul-Self and your life’s true meaning, …
Then you’ll love my START THE NEW YEAR WITH SELF-ACCEPTANCE 5-day challenge – starting on 16th January 2023 …
This special 5-day training will introduce you to the process of Divine Alignment with the Angels & Archangels (which is module 1 of my Divine Alignment Coaching program).
You’ll learn how to A.L.I.G.N with these Divine Beings using my divine alignment code.
A – Acknowledging yourself and honouring the ‘real you’
L – Loving yourself with divine love acts every day
I – Intuitively reboot your psychic abilities with the help of the Angels
G – Get guidance for your spiritual growth
N – Nurture your future vision to move forward with inspiration
You might be asking “why is this such a powerful experience?”
Well, if you’ve been ignoring, squashing, and hiding your true Soul Self for all these years … you’re probably feeling hopeless, resentful, sad, angry, and lost. Right?
And this live 5-day online training will RE-ALIGN, RE-SET and RE-INSPIRE you to start the new year with self-acceptance, hope and meaning.
Please know Contemporary Goddess … You are worthy. You have a purpose on this Earth. You are allowed to be your true Self. You can align with the Divine and be a practical human being.
p.s. You’ll have access to all the content from Module 1 of my Divine Alignment Coaching program – including videos, meditations, soul inspired activities AND I’ll be doing 5 x live group coaching sessions.
You can book your spot NOW for the START THE NEW YEAR WITH SELF-ACCEPTANCE 5-day challenge … LINK:
I’m SO excited for you to join me.
Send your questions to
Blessings Pip

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