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Interview with Michele Scott – facilitator and founder of Our Wellness Community 

This is the fourth lockdown in Victoria, we’ve had different kind of thoughts and feelings throughout each of the lockdowns. How are you feeling during this one? How does this impact you?

Yes. It has been a bit of a challenge. Hasn’t it? This one, I guess, on, on the one hand, it’s easy because we’ve done it before.
Yeah. It’s sort of like, oh yes, we’re doing this thing that we do … where we put the masks back on and we stay at home and all that sort of thing. I mean, I get quite anxious and a bit sad and frustrated – all the same things that everybody else is probably experiencing.
And I live by myself. So I have a different experience than the people who are at home with their whole family.
It’s a really interesting space to be in when there’s nobody around, you know, you have to manage your mindset, you have to manage your emotions and be very kind to yourself in a different way.

Michele: Yeah, yeah.

So it’s probably been not as challenging in a lot of ways because I knew what to expect, but then I’m asking do we really have to do this again?

I’m glad we’re talking to talking to you, because you’re living on your own. There are a lot of people living on their own. They’re all sorts of different ages. And, sometimes for those people living on their own, and maybe if they’re a little bit older in life, they miss out on their social time and that can really be debilitating and depressing.

Pip: Yep. Yeah. I think that’s one of the things that I noticed is I miss that social time. So on my ride or my walk or my exercise that I do. I’m smiling and saying hello to every single person. I may not have met these people, but I just need that human contact. And going to get my cup of chai in the morning from the local cafe. That is really important for me to say hello to them, for them to ask me how I am … and for me to ask them how they are.
It’s so obvious that we all need human contact because that’s why people push against the restrictions. People are pushing against these lockdowns because they feel they can’t do without the human contact. We can’t.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We need the brain to release oxytocin, the bonding hormone. It’s one of the feel-good hormones. It’s, it’s a knock-on effect, isn’t it?

Yes, definitely though. I found that I had to put in place ways to help myself feel better? I keep asking myself what can I do to make myself feel better? So I did a lot of chanting. I do a lot of surrendering, practicing handing it over. Some people like to pray. Some people like to talk to their angels or their guides, or, do a meditation. There’s lots of lovely ways to surrender.

But this morning I was doing my little chant in the shower. Om Namo Narayani – which is “I surrender to the universe” chant. And it sounds, it sounds great in the shower as well. It’s like this echo-y beautiful thing. So that’s a nice one.
And then I also, sometimes I’ll pull a card, from my multitude of Oracle card decks. This morning I pulled the beautiful card, the Fox spirit guide, which was gorgeous because it’s all about thinking on your feet and being adaptable and taking opportunities and not being scared to step into change.  I thought was really, really cool considering what’s happening at the moment.

Then I like to move because that’s a big one. When we talk about anxiety or if you’re feeling blocked, movement is a big one. Getting out in nature is huge help. It’s really important because it raises your energy, and like you were talking about, all those beautiful hormones that we have in our body. Getting out in nature is super important for our bodies to reconnect and ground and get out of our heads.

So yeah, there’s lots of being kind to myself. That’s important.

Michele: That is so fantastic!  And, I love chanting. It’s so powerful. It’s the power of the voice and the power of sound. And you’re stimulating that throat chakra. That’s awesome. I love it. Yeah.
And so Pip, you are a Reiki master and also a spiritual teacher, amongst many other things.
So, tell the audience where to find you and a little bit about how, how you help your clients.

Yes, I am a Reiki master and a coach and an author. I have more recently, I’ve been working on creating a beautiful divine alignment coaching program, which helps people, my fellow earth angels who are feeling exhausted and frustrated and disconnected from themselves, to reset rebalance and realign. 
I’ve been really enjoying taking my coaching and my Reiki to the next level with these beautiful people, supporting others.
And the wonderful thing about it is that I can do it online. So no matter whether we’re in lockdown or we’re not, I can still do my meditation classes and I can do this beautiful coaching program and help people.
That is another way that I found being on my own I can feel better by focusing on assisting other people to feel better too.

Michele: Yeah. Yeah. I would love that –  in helping others, we help ourselves … it makes us feel good. Thank you for joining me today on Wellness Conversations on Casey Radio 97.5FM. 

You can check out Our Wellness Community here:
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