And then I said … ‘Oh! you’re being such a D*@K!’

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This week’s blog is about power of dreams. 
I woke up today and remembered that I was dreaming about repairing my relationship with my brother. 

The scene was set in an old family home but we were all adults. 
My sisters and I were there having an intense discussion with my brother. 
At one point I said something like “Ohhh you’re being such a Dick!” … 
And then everyone took a breath … we paused … and I said … 
“That’s not fair … I know we’re all hurting right now. Let’s sit down and talk. We can work through this together.” 

I woke up feeling good.
It felt like I’d shifted something.
It was healthy for us to come together – even though it was in my dream. 
Maybe one day it’ll be in reality too. 

Dreams can help us subconsciously sort, let go, understand, prepare and dissolve issues. 

Leon Naccson says that dreams can be interpreted best by ourselves. 
Using a book with someone else’s interpretations will not get to the heart of your unique dream message. 

He suggests looking at these 3 things: 
1. Feeling of the dream 
2. Theme of the dream 
3. Symbols in dreams 

Your feelings will indicate what emotional are being healed.
Your theme will show you what mental construct is being sorted.
Your symbols will show you what you can do to dissolve the negativity and raise the vibration.

For example … in my dream the feeling was anger in the beginning, but then it shifted to love and relief. 
The theme was a desire to reconcile. 
Then there was symbol later in the dream of a very dirty spa with green algae in it.
I’ve been ‘swimming in murky water’ and need to cleanse it. 

You can also set your intention to dream about a particular situation or problem before you go to bed. 
Say to yourself as you fall asleep …
​‘Tonight, I will dream about (the issue you have) and I’ll remember anything that will help me to resolve it in a healthy way.’ 
Have a pen & paper or a dream journal near the bed. 
Be sure to write down any impressions, or feelings, or insights as soon as you wake up. 

Happy dreaming! 
p.s. Let me know if you’d like to do a Dream Interpretation class (90 mins $40) or a Private Dream session (60 mins $110).
p.p.s Leon Nacson’s books: A stream of dreams, Interpreting dreams A-Z, Dream Journal, 21 days to master decoding your dreams. 

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