Almost there … SO frustrating!!

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This week’s blog is a quick update about my new book … 
And as the title suggests … it is SOOOOOOOOO CLOSE to being ready … I can smell that new book smell, I can feel the book in my hands, I can even see myself standing on stage and sharing the stories inside with all of you. 
And it is not quite done yet … 
Have you ever had a desire or a goal that took a bit longer than you expected?
Have you done most of the steps and there is only a few more to take?
Have you felt that feeling of … almost?
It’s frustrating right??!!
And so, today … in my feeling of ‘almost’ I’d like to share with you some tips on how to release the feeling of frustration and enjoy the nearly there. 

TIP #1 – List your achievements so far:
I have to remind myself that I have created a book (for heaven’s sake!) … I remembered stories, wrote them down, found a supportive and authentic publisher, put the stories into a readable format, had friends help me to do first edits, let strangers read my work (eek!), had great feedback from professional editors, reworked the stories so they flow, got friends from all over the world to review the manuscript, have 3 x celebrity endorsements … and started to create a network of supporters who are excited to read the final product. 
I am a lot further along that I thought. 

TIP #2 – Celebrate the present moment:
When we are working toward a goal it can be very easy to slip into the mistaken mindset of only celebrating when the final product appears. It’s super-important to celebrate the present moment. That is where we live. It is NOW. Right now! If we wait to celebrate later we will likely lose our inspiration and motivation for the goal.
So, I celebrated the positive appraisal. I celebrated the encouraging first edit. I celebrated the wonderful feedback from my friends. I celebrated the celebrity endorsements (Yay! Thanks Brian David Bruns, Catherine DeVrye and Dr Carol Head). And now I am celebrating the final edit going back to the publisher ready for formatting. *happy dance*

TIP #3 – Wallow in the imagination of the goal:
As adults we are not really encouraged to use our imaginations … it’s usually only allowed for kids. 
But Denise Linn says that we need to reclaim the imagination and use it for healing our past and creating our futures. 
You see the Universe doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined.
It responds to the feelings that you are creating.
So, if you are imagining a goal, believing in it completely and seeing how you will get there … and feeling excited and hopeful …
Then the LAW OF ATTRACTION states that all the roads will clear and the thing you are imagining will magnetically be attracted to you. Because things that are the same vibration connect with each other. 
That is why you can’t attract something that you don’t believe will ever happen. 

Carolyn Myss says that we are ON our destination … our journey of life IS the destination … if you are asking ‘where am I going?’ or ‘when am I going to get there?’ you are asking the wrong questions. 
May your journey be as enjoyable as your destination.
Blessings Pip x
p.s. Watch out for the FRIDAY FREEBIES email for your next ‘sneaky peak’ of the book. 
p.p.s. If you would still like to donate to the fundraising to help me with my self-publishing process … the link is:

Denise Linn – author of Sacred Space Clearing, Soul Coaching, Signposts, Nature Spirits, Energy Strands, Feng Shui of the Soul, The Mystic Cookbook and Past Lives, Present Miracles.
Carolyn Myss – author of Defying Gravity, Channelling Grace, Energetics of Healing, Anatomy of the Spirit, Energy of Anatomy, Transforming Trauma, Why people don’t heal and How they can and The Creation of Health. 

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