Alchemy and abundance – 40 day challenge

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It’s been ages since I wrote a blog … ummm aaaa …. yes it’s been a busy time since December, which is great! And I am feeling SO grateful.
It is already well into Term 1 and I have started all my classes and courses again. This is my TRUE bliss and my passion.
I never realized that teaching adults to meditate, relax, trust their intuition and meet other like-minded people could be so fulfilling … let alone become my business.
This year there are some new classes that I am teaching and one of those is the ALCHEMY AND ABUNDANCE class. I discuss how to use crystals, feng shui and EFT tapping to increase your abundance, as well as some new principles of Divine Magic and Prosperity from mentors like John Randolph Price and Doreen Virtue. 
John Randolph Price has a very interesting 40 day prosperity challenge that I have been doing with my students. The concept is essentially that your supply comes from the Divine Light / Source Energy / God within you and that your awareness and consciousness of this Source is what creates abundance in your life. Fascinating stuff.
I am up to ROUND #3 of the 40 days … and I am feeling significant shifts in my consciousness and behaviour every day.
A lot of these results were unexpected. I thought that I would be manifesting bundles of cash … L.O.L … but it turned out it was MUCH better than that.
So far, I’ve manifested more clients, a change in my living situation, an increased openness (and lack of fear) to expanding my business on an international level, a sense of peace and calm, a confidence that I am completely supported by the Universe, and a whole new level of understanding of ME as the Source of ALL my good …
I get that this all leads to the creation of bundles of cash … in time … but I am thoroughly enjoying the journey.
There is always more to learn about yourself.
Blessings Pip xxx

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