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I discovered how to get more "juice" out
of life, so I can teach you.

I grew up in a small town in Tasmania, and I was always desperate to see the rest of the world. I started travelling overseas at 23 years old and didn’t stop. It opened my eyes. I had never seen poverty and wealth in their extremes before. It helped me learn to be humble. I love the freedom and the possibilities that travel offers. Working on cruise ships for six years was one of the highlights (I even wrote a book about it). From these experiences I discovered how to get more juice out of life, so I can teach you. 

Qualifications-wise – I have a degree in Psychology, I’m a Reiki Master Coach, an Advanced Angel Intuitive, Meditation Teacher and creator of the Divine Alignment Code™ coaching program. It’s nice to know that your coach has some legit qualifications, skills AND experience of your condition, it gives you more confidence in their ability to support and advise you, right?

It occurred to me as I lay on the acupuncture table one day, (getting treatment for my own menopause symptoms), that my current coaching clients, who are mostly 45- to 55-year-old women, have been going through menopause and honestly, I’d not been able to fully understand the intensity of their experiences until now.

They’ve been feeling anxious, out of control, like their body is betraying them, getting angry over the smallest things, sweating through their sheets, confusion, foggy mind, irregular cycles, taking clothes on and off all day long, overwhelmed, grieving their youth, not comfortable to share their pain and honestly, feeling like they’re going crazy. I’ve caught up now ladies!! … I really get it now!!

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Pip Coleman Testimonial Tania

Pip genuinely wants women to find their
inner peace and brings all her modalities
together to achieve that.

“I have had a couple of sessions with Pip and on both occasions, I have found her to be completely spot on with her insights. I love how Pip delivers her insight with grace and humbleness as it can be confronting sometimes to learn about yourself some things you don’t like and try to hide from. So with Pip it was something I could handle easily as she was very gentle. Pip genuinely wants women to find their inner peace and brings all her modalities together to achieve that. I can’t wait for the next time we work together. Thanks Pip, you’re an angel.” 


I like to give valuable wisdom to you with
a sprinkling of lightheartedness.

Because I like to think outside the square, I read about and listen to inspiring, successful teachers in mindset, self-care, menopause, and spiritual development who give me great tips and skills that I can pass on to you, this saves you having to do the work.

I’ve been uninspired, angry, anxious, menopausal, and exhausted, so when I teach you how to manage your life I do it with authenticity. Nothing is hidden. Transparency and integrity are very important to me.

I’ve helped thousands of women to relax, de-stress, realign, and design their MenoRecipe™. All of my focus is on offering simple skills to improve your self-care and expand your connection to your soul. You will gain value from my trials and successes – all the techniques have been tried by me.

The best thing about being a Divine-ologist is that I can teach and coach people from all over the world. Energy has no limits. We are connected, not just by the internet, but by unconscious cords, which means you don’t have to live on my island or in my state to access my services. What a bonus! 

My favorite thing to do is laugh. We take our lives and ourselves far to seriously sometimes, and so I love to give valuable wisdom to you with a sprinkling of light-heartedness.

I only work with clients that I know I can help. So, if you’re a fun, open-minded person who’s willing to try new things, prepared to take action to heal yourself, that’s perfect! Let’s talk.

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I look forward to reconnecting you with your own Divine Soul and, of course, the Divine Support Specialist Team that are your guides, angels, goddesses, ascended masters, departed loved ones and past lives, so that you can reset, realign and reconnect with your true self. 

Blessings Pip x

Pip Testimonial Beverly

I would certainly recommend her as
a guide and mentor.

I’ve known Pip for some time through the Spiritual Book Club she hosts and facilitates. I’ve also seen her for Reiki treatments and more recently, for Divine Alignment treatments, a blend of Reiki and Bowen Therapy, for a persistent shoulder issue. I just love the gentleness of these treatments and always come away feeling relaxed, rebalanced and well on the road to recovery. The treatment is truly divine!

Over this time, I have seen Pip provide a safe space for women to gather, share stories and support each other. She is not only insightful but also has an ability to get to the crux of an issue, provide guidance as well as suggestions, on how to overcome problems. I would certainly recommend her as a guide and mentor. 


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