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Have you heard about the one-word intention process?

Basically, instead of making a hopeful list of resolutions for the year and then a week later you’ve lost the list, started drinking and smoking (when you didn’t before) and told most of your family members to f*%k off … ha ha … don’t lie to me … you’ve done it.

Instead of that … I make a one-word intention for the year.

This one word is the anchor and reset for me.

In 2023 my word was #brave.

** Listen to this on the Align with the Divine podcast – episode #179 – HERE

As I went about my daily life, not every morning … but most days … I would think about how I could be #brave … and these are some of the things that I did this year.

  • Joined the cold-water immersion group on the island @millowlseadragons to push my limits and be brave … cold water, new people, early mornings, and new skills to learn.
  • Went to a Tony Robbins live event – Unleash the Power Within – in Sydney and WALKED ON FIRE (hot coals)! I know right?! Seriously brave!
  • Did a whole year of cold-water immersion … right through winter (temperature got down to 9 degrees at one point) … amazing!! Super brave.
  • Did an ice bath workshop with Will Frost at Island Healing … that was 4 degrees! Yep – BRAVE!!
  • Stood my ground, claimed my power, and held my centre when I was confronted by a bully. My teenage self was so grateful and high fived me. Brave inner child move!
  • Honestly looked at my business viability and am in the process of re-imagining it for 2024.
  • And … faced my fear of unknown and uncertain spaces … like rock pools and … honestly, seaweed touching me … eeeekkk … BRAVE! BRAVE! BRAVE!

When you choose a word, be mindful and bring it into everything that you do.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

If it’s PEACE … choose peace when you speak to people, when you work, and when you play.

If it’s RESPECT … consciously choose to respect yourself, others, and the wider community.

If it’s DECLUTTER … take baby steps to declutter your home, your car, your body and mind.

If it’s FREEDOM … create space in your life to be free, schedule in free-time, and allow others to be free.

If it’s NO … give yourself the gift of saying ‘no’ to one request a week (or day) to disengage your people-pleasing knee-jerk reaction. Then you can say ‘yes’ to yourself more often.

If it’s LET THEM … (a little nod to Mel Robbins who came up with this one) … anything that you can’t control (and that is everything and everyone who is NOT YOU) … have a mantra of “let them” … let them eat what they want, let them drive how they do, let them not see you for the holidays, let them talk about you behind your back, let them have opinions that are not the same as yours … (note: DON’T let them overstep your boundaries or disrespect you directly – that’s not cool.)

The beauty of this process is that you get the benefit of feeling great when you act and align with your intentional word, and you feel that you are achieving your goals all year.

I have found that it is MUCH less pressure than a list of resolutions.

I’d love to hear your one-word intention for 2024 … please jump onto Facebook or Instagram and tag my page @pipcolemanauthorcoach and share.

And if you have questions or want to have a deeper discussion about this contact me via my website or email:

Happy New Year my friends.

Blessings Pip x

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