8 tips for boosting your immunity.

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This week’s blog is about boosting your immunity.
I always hear people say in winter … ‘now I need to work on my immunity because it’s colder’ … interestingly just because the weather is colder doesn’t mean you are going to get a cold.

Some people get through winter, years of winters and all the seasons without getting a cold. Why? Because they are keeping their immune system healthy. 

Here are 8 tips to help you feel good in winter (and all year long): 
1. Get moving … exercise (just 30 minutes a day) can significantly improve your overall health. 

2. Eat a more balanced diet … by reducing packet foods and eating more real foods. If you are not sure what you need to do … *see Bianca and the team at Angel’s Health Food for a caring and professional consultation about your unique body. 

3. Get more sleep … adults ideally need 7-8 hours per night. We reset and rejuvenate our bodies when we sleep.  

4. Meditate … it is proven to help you sleep, digest and de-stress … *see Pip for meditation classes, meditation CD or private one-on-one meditation sessions. 

5. Take a vacation … stress is the biggest cause of illness in the western world. We need to take time off to rest. Our bodies cannot be sustained with constant stress. Even a long weekend can help to re-balance our system. 

6. Reduce alcohol … there is some evidence that a glass of red wine a day is good for the heart. My grandfathers had a sherry every night. I say we are here on this earth to enjoy life and so the key with alcohol is moderation. 

7. Quit smoking … this one has no good side effects (sorry). The smoke decreases the effectiveness of the immune system and increases the risk of lots of issues in the body. 

8. Drama detox … take some time out from any gossip, watching the news, Facebook or YouTube videos, and friends who are complainers. You’ll feel 100% better in less than a week. 

Your immunity is affected by the choices you make, the way you move, the things you eat, the people you interact with and the spaces you visit. 
Make better choices every day. 
You’ll see and feel the difference.

Happy winter! 
Blessings Pip 
Contact me on 0437670820 for meditation classes, CDs and sessions. 
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