7 deep resting ideas for winter

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In the animal kingdom there are many that hibernate and deeply rest for the winter. It’s an important part of their yearly cycle. Sure, it serves a purpose, when there’s not much food (or entertainment) around, better to take a nap. Right? 😊 But hibernation also restores and resets their physical bodies. Those animals are doing a super-long fast. It puts my 3-day fast to shame.
There’s A LOT to be said for deeply resting. I’ve written about it before … do you remember radical resting? It’s something that we human beings don’t do enough of. And I don’t mean sleeping. Mind you, some of us don’t sleep properly either.
What I mean is, conscious and focused time that you set aside to restore your mind, body, and spirit. Scheduled deep rest.
So, here’s some ideas for you to try over this coming winter.

7 deep resting ideas for winter!

  1. Embrace the cold. In the past I have been a “shunner” of the cold. A “hater” of winter. A “hide under the covers until it’s summer again” person. And this led to miserable experiences in this season. It’s a well-known fact that what we focus on constantly is what we create in our lives. So, my suggestion is to find ways to embrace and love the cold. Change your focus. Wrap up warmly and go on walks. Buy fancy coats. Book in a trip to the Peninsula Hot Springs and go in the cold pools too. If you plan to stay in Phillip Island, you are more than welcome to join my cold-water dipping group (Millowl Seadragons) … it’s crazy but it actually helps you to feel warmer. True!
  2. Moments of stillness. Meditation and mindfulness are wonderful to do anytime, but winter is the time when the energy of the planet gets quiet and so it’s perfect for contemplation activities. Growing up my family didn’t do “stillness” … it was more of a “doing” environment. Sitting around was not encouraged. However, as an adult I am discovering that ebb and flow of activity and rest is essential to great health. We are not designed to keep going like energizer bunnies. There is a reason that the batteries need to be charged or changed, … they run out. Give yourself the gift of stillness and feel the benefits.
  3. Breath of fire. This is a favourite of mine from my yoga practice. I do it every morning. The idea is to bring warmth to your body by breathing quickly and deeply through the nose. It is a super-effective way to bring heat to your body. Wonderful on those cold winter days. It’s probably best to get a yoga teacher to show you how. I recommend Dominique Salerno.
  4. Movement with joy. Don’t just move for practical reasons, make time to move with joy! The feeling of movement with abandon and delight is highly underrated. Whether you are dancing, playing sport or just shaking your body like a wet dog … do it with the intention of fun. That lift in your mood will keep you happy all winter long.
  5. Eating for warmth. During the summer months you probably lean more towards cooler foods, salads and ice cream, for example. Makes sense because your body is hotter then. So, during the winter months my suggestion is to actively choose more warming foods, soups, stews, and add spices like cinnamon and chilli. Your body is working to keep you warm and the food you give to yourself can help or hinder that process.
  6. Allow others to nurture you. This one is a tricky one for a lot of people. Getting a massage, reiki energy healing, facial, manicure, pedicure etc. might feel too self-indulgent or selfish and you might even feel guilty for doing it. And I say “DO IT!!” The benefits of this self-care are amazing. The calm mind, peaceful heart and grateful muscles will be worth it. PLUS, you deserve it. Truly. Don’t miss nurturing yourself.
  7. Laugh (a lot). I cannot write an article about wellness without mentioning laughter. Children laugh over 300+ times a day and yet as adults (some of us) barely crack a smile. When did we get so serious? It’s true what they say that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. I even heard of a man who claims he cured himself of cancer by watching Laurel & Hardy videos over and over again. Find places and people to laugh with during this winter. The cockles of your heart will be warmed.

The season of winter can get dark and wet and cold … and that can affect your mood and your life. So, this year, let’s see if you can change that.
Try at least ONE of my 7 deep resting suggestions above and see how you feel.
I’d love to hear how you go.
Blessings Pip
Send me an email at pipcoleman@yahoo.com.au or on Facebook at @pipcolemanauthorcoach.

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7 deep resting ideas for winter

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