5 tips for stress-free holiday gatherings

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5 tips for stress-free holiday gatherings
1. Let go of expectation – we often have unrealistic expectations. Let go, and you will be able to see all there is to celebrate. Sometimes this means doing some forgiveness work – about others and yourself – and this is actually simpler than you might imagine. Write down 10 things or people (including you) that you need to forgive before the holidays. And as you cross them off the list, say to yourself this mantra: “I love you, Thank you, I forgive you.” I know it seems simple, but it’s really powerful. 

2. Heal the ‘buttons’ – no one can push your buttons or make you feel bad without your permission. A lot of our buttons were set in place as children and can be a bit tricky to shift on our own. So, if you know your family trigger you all the time, it might be time to talk to a counsellor or coach or healer. Just allowing yourself to speak about it freely can be a big step forward. 

3. Choose what you bring – what matters most is the energy you bring to the table, not the dish. If you turn up at the holiday gatherings with the energy of ‘meh’ or ‘wtf’ or ‘shit’ … guess what will happen? There are ways to change your mood, vibe and energy before you go into those gatherings … including using music, movement, meditation and lots of other things that don’t start with M. 😊

4. You’re only responsible for YOUR experience – bring your best energy and forget the rest. We all know that there are some people who won’t change because they love the drama, the pain and all the attention that comes with it. It’s their habit and their personality now. So, you can only look after your experience and your behaviour. How can you set yourself up for success? Do you have an exit plan if it gets too difficult? Are you doing your self-care before, during and after the gathering? You can do all this with love and mindfulness. 

5. Remember what it’s all about – celebrate all of life’s blessings and remember to connect with each other. 

If you need some help with healing your buttons, or letting go, or helping you get into a high vibe space, or maybe you just need someone to support you through the holidays … guess what?! … that’s what I do best. 

You might like to check out the ‘It’s My F-ING Holiday too’ coaching sessions

Are you worried about the holiday gatherings? 
Or how your family will behave this year? 
Or how to cope with all the people after 2 years of no visitors? 
And are you afraid losing your temper or going crazy with anxiety? 

Let’s get you ready for Xmas this year.
You can be prepared. 
You can choose.  
You can take back the power. 
It’s your f-ING holiday too! 😁
(Please insert your preferred word) 

Here’s my offer to you … 
Book in for my 3 x “it’s my F-ING holiday too” coaching sessions in December and we will … 
* Identify and Focus on what YOU want! 
* Let go of expectations 
* Heal and forgive some of the past 
* Move towards centred and confident 

You deserve to have a relaxing holiday. 
You are allowed to choose. 
It’s your time and you’re ready for this. 

“Pip is an amazing authentic spiritual mentor; she is bubbly and open, and I felt comfortable with her straight away!! Pip’s knowledge and storytelling is really engaging and inspiring. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is in on a path of spiritual awakening.
And … I absolutely loved your live yesterday and the blog you did!! It’s given me the courage to skip my work Christmas party!! I just don’t have the energy for it!! Thank you for sharing
 😘” JB

To book the ‘It’s my f-ING holiday too’ 3 x coaching sessions CLICK HERE

The Divine Alignment Coaching Program is an amazing one-on-one coaching program specifically downloaded to serve my Earth Angel tribe for when you’re feeling exhausted, lost, frustrated, or disconnected from your true Self.
I will introduce you to the code designed for you to RESET, KNOW yourself deeply and ALIGN with your divine being.
It’s a 5-step process:
A – is for acknowledging and honouring where you are and clearing away the past.
L – is for love acts and rituals to take care of yourself.
I – is for intuitive skills to grow your self-trust.
G – is for getting guidance and self-knowledge.
N – is for nurturing your future vision.
By using simple mind-body-spirit alignment techniques, I will guide you to reconnect and remember your true Divine Self.

And Divine Being Alignments are perfect if you are feeling mentally, physcially or emotionally messy, unfocused, in pain and you’re worried that it just keeps getting worse. If you’d like to gently release your pain, feel deeply relaxed, emotionally soothed and move through this holiday season with support; Divine Being Alignment sessions combine Bowen Therapy body alignment moves and Reiki energy healing, including a grounding chakra clearing. BOOK HERE

May you have happy holidays and look forward to a bright new year.
Blessings Pip 

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