30th March – Week 13 – Selfish for the good of the community.

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This week’s blog starts with a short poem … 

Selfish for the good of the community.
Self care. Self love. Self isolation.
Now is the time to be selfish.
Take care of me.
Take time for me.
You have my permission.
You don’t need it.
Give yourself permission to be selfish.

Right now, I am taking it day by day.
Some of my casual jobs have been put on hold as the businesses have closed.
But the owners of one of my jobs just paid us for our hours last week, even though we didn’t work them. VERY grateful.
Ecology Health Food shop in Wonthaggi is still open for now – it’s considered an essential service – so I have a couple of shifts this week but we’ll see.
My business … well I am planning some online classes and meditations. Stay tuned. 
But initially I needed a break to be honest, to rest, to nurture myself, and to process this whole cray cray thing!
I mean WTF?! Huh? The world is turned upside down.

And aside from sometimes being overwhelmed by the fear and anxiety of everyone (thanks to my new level of energetic sensitivity) … now and then I get flashes of … thoughts … like ‘wow! What an amazing opportunity this is!’
We are re-evaluating all our systems. The earth and seas are healing and regenerating.
We are being given a chance to let go of old jobs and things that don’t serve us.
And we get to choose again.

We get to be selfish.
We get to stay safe at home.
We get to take care of ourselves and spend time with our loved ones.
​Nancy Levin says selfish, self worth and self esteem are the three sisters of self care. 
Sure, some people might discover they actually don’t like their loved ones 😁… and that will mean new healthier choices can be made.
Some people who are living alone (me) might discover they don’t mind it … or maybe it really IS time to open their heart again to love. 💕

So … what am I doing?
– I’m staying safe at home.
– I’m reading amazing and inspiring books “Light is the new black” by Rebecca Campbell and “The gifts of imperfection” by Brene Brown and “The new relationship blueprint” by Nancy Levin.
– I’m only speaking to high vibrational people.
– I’m doing a ‘heal thy money mindset’ course online to dissolve my old poverty mindset and accept abundance.
– I’m going for a ride on my bike every day.
– I’m supporting local businesses by getting my chai latte and veggie box and other food at local small stores.
– I’m doing yoga every day to raise my energy.
– I’m weening myself off social media scrolling – just checking in and watching funny videos to lift my mood.
– I’m using essential oils, meditation and tapping to soothe myself.

Most importantly I’m practicing what I’ve been preaching for the last 7 years.
I’m being the lighthouse rather than running all over the island saving boats. *Quote from Rebecca Campbell (Page 197).

What are you doing to be selfish for your community? 

I’m here if you need support.
Online consultancy (card readings, coaching, meditation) available.
Big love to you.

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