3 tips for a calm Christmas

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Okay so it’s (NEARLY) December y’all … ha ha … I don’t say y’all … but it felt like a fun way to start this column.
Aaaaanyway … so … are you ready for Christmas?
I know … sorry … it’s a trigger question at this time of the year.
Are you over asking these questions: What does everyone want as a gift? Where will we go on the day? Who will be there that we like? Or more importantly, who will be there that we don’t like? How much food do we need to cook? Will I get any time to relax?
There are so many rules and expectations and let’s be honest … it’s expensive.
Of course, you don’t HAVE to join the madness, but it’s tough to abstain.
So, let’s talk about 3 tips to help you have a calm Christmas this year.

  1. Set an intention for Christmas, and make your plans in line with that …
    For New Year’s Eve, I like to set a theme for the next year – this year was #brave. And all year I have been doing things that push me out of my comfort zone and encourage me to grow, like cold water swimming, fire walking, and starting a new casual position at the new cultural centre (Berninneit).
    You could do the same for Christmas … perhaps it could be a theme of #fun, or #playful, or #chilled, or just plain … #easy. How could you make this year’s holiday celebrations easy and fun for you (and your family)? Every time you go to make a decision, think about this intention. Rather than you cooking a massive lunch for your family – why not ask everyone to bring a plate to contribute. Rather than buying lots of things / items / stuff – why not encourage people to give experiences or events or time doing a favourite activity. Rather than sitting around drinking – why not create a fun game of mini-challenges (sports, word games or quiz questions) that everyone can participate in, for a yearly “Xmas trophy”.
  2. Embrace the simple things …
    There is A LOT to be said for simplifying your life, in all aspects. We humans like to make this complicated. Overthinking. Overanalyzing. Over-giving. Over-spending. What if, this year, you pare it all back. Why not go out for lunch or dinner on Christmas, so there is no pressure on anyone to host. Why not do a “Secret Santa” for the gifts, so there is a surprise element and make the gift funny or silly. Why not go away for Christmas to a special location, so you can relax on your own or with your close family. There is so much power in this. You are allowed to choose the simple option.
  3. Remember to nourish yourself, too …
    I spend a lot of time in my business reminding people to nurture and nourish themselves. Give yourself the gift of TIME OUT this year. And I don’t mean ask for people to buy you a voucher for a Reiki session … although that is a great idea too wink wink. I mean, BEFORE AND DURING the Christmas holidays, book massages, go to yoga sessions, eat good food, talk to a counsellor / coach, walk on the beach, swim in the ocean, dance, sing, play, laugh with friends, have time alone, read, garden, go to a sound healing, do meditation, connect with your divine guides and angels, choose not to engage in drama, breathe and … FOR GOODNESS SAKE … take care of yourself first, so that you can handle all the crazy energy of this season.
    You have my permission to schedule this essential self-care for yourself. You know that the grumpy, stressed, exhausted, and pissed-off version of you will be so grateful, and that you’ll be a much kinder, calmer, and light-hearted person for your family if you do. They will be SO thankful for this!

So, those are my 3 tips for a calm Christmas. If you need support, I am here to offer you an ear to listen, skills and tools to coach, reiki energy healing for your emotions, bowen therapy for your aching body, meditations for your monkey mind and a quiet space to relax away from your life. You can book via my website calendar: www.pipcoleman.com

p.s. Stay tuned … I am writing another book! … it’s about my cold-water dunking journey and the magnificent benefits (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual) … working title is “Working on the brown fat! A cold-water immersion story”. If you’d like to hear the announcements first … you can join my mailing list on my website: www.pipcoleman.com

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