2nd March – Week 9 – I’m getting confirmations from the Universe!

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This week I met an interesting man at Cape Winds who gave me an impromptu energy reading …
And it was a really cool confirmation from the Universe that I am on the right track. 

Firstly, he said he liked the music i was playing and got the name of the CD.
Then he asked me if I taught meditation.
I said yes. He said he sensed that calming, teacher energy.
Then he said he could see water coming into my hands from above … energy pouring into my hands … but it looked like water.
**I liked this visual – because I have just written a book about my time working at sea, and water represents emotions and my business is all about energy healing. This guy was cool. 

And he also said I had lots of spirit guides but one in particular stepped forward – a middle eastern man. And a tall dog like an Afghan hound. I said the dog may be a past life guide, because I’ve not had a dog in this life.

He also asked ‘Do you feel trapped right now?’
I said ‘Actually, yes I feel like I need to move and expand and learn more. Possibly move away from the island.’
I told him about the past life course I’d like to do with Brian Weiss in New York and the people I’ve met in the last two weeks, who have done that exact course.

He said ‘Well you don’t need any more certificates – you can teach from where you are.’
I said that I understand. And I would like to soak up some more knowledge, rub shoulders and be around higher level teachers.

We talked about energy and the earth transforming and how people are learning to be unattached and enlightened.
He left the shop and said ‘I’m sure we will meet again.’
And I suspect we will. It was very interesting. 

When we have these synchronistic meetings they are important. Take special note.
Are you looking out for (or even open to) having interesting encounters?

And regarding your goals or desires … I also wanted to put this out there … one of my friends on Facebook posted a note that said:
“I dare you for the next 6 months to focus exclusively on your goals. No announcements. No excuses. Just fall back and do the work.”
I have accepted.
And … this week … I dare you all to do this too.

Blessings Pip x

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