24th February – Week 8 – Loosen your grip. Grace is coming.

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This month I am reading Rebecca Campbell’s book ‘Light is the new black’ for my spiritual book club and it’s been aha moment, after moment, after moment … It’s like this woman is writing just for me.
I mean, she loves watching the TV series Private Practice and talk about past lives and she believes we choose our parents. Soul sister!!
But my main takeaway this week was the idea of loosening your grip on the things you think you most NEED.
What external things are you clinging to in an effort to feel whole or enough?
She says “We cling tightly because deep down we know that unless we control, cling to, and hold on, we feel that relationship, job or (insert your thing here) might not stay on its own accord. But in loosening our grip, we open space for light to come in and heal the part of us that doesn’t feel whole. As A Course in Miracles tells us ‘whatever we leave empty, grace will fill’ …” (Page 66)
Ohhhh boy … so … the things I’ve clung to in the past have been … the job … the relationship … the alcohol … the draining friendships …. the emotional eating … the overworking … the people pleasing … the spending … the lying to ‘protect’ others (or myself).
I bet most of you can say you’ve clung to some of these.
You probably are now. Right?
There is a fear that nothing will come to take the place of that thing.
But I can definitely tell you that what Rebecca suggests about loosening your grip … it works!
I’ve been in that place of desperately clinging to something (or someone) and that energy actually makes it worse. You know?
And I’ve been in that other place where you let go … surrender … some might say ‘give up’ … give up the neediness and the fight … it’s SO tiring.
That’s actually what’s making you exhausted my friends.
The fight to keep things that you don’t need to fight for.
Rebecca says “If you can find the courage to surrender, then that thing we once clung to will either stay on its own or be replaced by something that is beyond any of our wildest dreams.
Loosen your grip. Grace is coming. It might be uncomfortable at first, but I promise it will be worth it in the end.” (Page 67).
My invitation to you …
Are you willing to let go, surrender and give up the thing you are clinging to? And begin to trust that grace will find its way to you.
I have a tribe of people who help me to re-frame and let go. Sometimes our own mind can trip is up.
Let me know if you need my support.
Contact me by going to my CONTACT ME page. 

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