19th February – Week 7 – Hello fear and doubt, I honour you!

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So, this week, as I continue doing the Heal Thy Money Mindset course, we were journalling about what would happen if you stop making money the reason why you can’t do things. 
Wow! What a great question huh?
Makes you wriggle a bit in your chair right?
Did you scrunch up your face like I did?
Ohhh yeah … these are the questions  that help us to grow.
Since my commitment to you this year is to share even more authentically, here is my answer:

Aaaaaarrrggghhhh … blahhhhh … FINE! …
Well – I would be doing A LOT more planning, dreaming and goal setting … and then I’d have to take action.

I’m thinking about how excited I am to go to the QUEEN and Adam Lambert concert on Thursday night (20th Feb).
And as I watched them on the Fire Fight Concert the other night I felt the excitement expand.
Then Michael Buble came on and I suddenly had the thought “ohhh I’d like to see him too … but I can’t afford it.” 
And I began to feel sad. WTF?
A minute ago I was bursting at the seams with excitement.
I took the shine off a very cool gift that my sister gave me. 
Me … I took that shine off … I mean seriously, seeing QUEEN live in concert is AMAZING!
Why would I even let myself go down that rabbit hole? 
That’s not a helpful thought process. 
Of course, it was unconscious. 
But I went there. Only for a few minutes. Until I realised what I was doing.
But for a few minutes I stopped myself feeling the anticipation of the joy and passion and crazy excitement of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
Plus, just for the record, its NOT TRUE!
I CAN actually afford to go to the Michael Buble concert too – if I wanted to! 

So … this is really making me look at my automatic, unconscious and programmed responses. 
The other truth is that my life experiences have not confirmed the ‘not enough money’ belief. 
I have actually always had jobs, clients, travel experiences, gifts and more … given when I asked for them.
Or more to the point … when I ASKED & ACTED for them … when I TOOK ACTION for them. 
The excuse of “not enough money” is blown out of the water when the momentum grows and all of the Universe conspires together. 

The trip to LA last year with Erica (in December) was one of those times.
I’d been wanting to travel and so had she.
We both needed a break and her inspiration about seeing BTS in concert, eventually got us both out of our comfort zones and onto a plane to the US. 
Did we have challenges? Hell yeah!
Do we regret going? No way!
It was a very revealing. It was fun and exciting. It was a whole new chapter in our travelling journal.
No more hostels for us! It’s 4-star (or more) these days. *grin*
We learned A LOT on that short trip. 
More importantly, it has wet our appetite for more. 

I’m really keen to go to New York and do the Brian Weiss Past Life Therapy course. 
It’s been on my mind for years and I have a growing desire to tap into the teaching and coaching aspects more.
Plus I have a personal passion for doing the past life journey-work myself.
My book (Finding my Soul at Sea) touched on my early experiences with past life regression meditation and my desire to learn more has grown since then.
I love talking, reading and teaching about past lives and how they can help us heal and transform in this current life. 

Money is NOT the reason why I’ve stopped myself for doing the things I want to do.
I’ve always found, created and manifested the money when I’ve been committed and passionate about a goal or idea in the past.
And I figure that there is NO REASON why it wouldn’t continue to be so. 
I know that it is fear that is stopping me.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of failure.
Fear of success.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of having it all and then losing it.

So, as I sat there with the feeling of fear … it was okay. 
I know it is only temporary. 
I know how to shift it.
I know how to take care of myself.
I know I’ve done this before. 
I said “Hello fear and doubt, I honour you. I love you. I know you are just trying to keep me safe. And it’s time to grow. We’ve got this.”

It turns out the next module of the Heal Thy Money Mindset course is “Love your fear”.
Yes … that’s divine. 
Thank you Universe. 
Blessings Pip x

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