12th February 2020 – Week 6 – I remember almost pooping my pants …

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Did you know that public speaking is one of the top rated fears. It trumps fear of dying. 

And I have to say that I remember almost pooping my pants at the beginning of my Social Host career.
When they first handed me that microphone and said “Out you go kiddo!” 
I was stepping out on stage to “entertain” 2000 people every day …
My first thought was … “Are you kidding me!?”

Now … it’s a very different story … 20 years later. 
As I spoke at my book launch on the weekend … I felt calm and ON PURPOSE.
I was more worried about the mini-cakes and the alignment of the chairs. 

Feeling ON PURPOSE …
What does that mean to you?
For me it’s that IN THE MOMENT ease.
That SMOOTH SAILING feeling. *wink* 
I was not nervous, I was calm and clear and excited.

I had a significant realisation during my writing process, … what if I’d never taken that job on the cruise ship, as a social host?
Would I have learned those valuable skills of speaking to and connecting with big groups of people on stage?
Maybe … eventually … 
I believe there are many roads to get to our destiny. 

My point is that I wasn’t thinking … THIS fun job as a Social Host will lead to my own business, writing a book and speaking on stage about authenticity. I was thinking … I’ll be travelling around the world for free and being paid for it. *high five* 

Now in 2020 I’m being called to be up on stage and confidently speak about my passions.
I wasn’t considering the potential life purpose elements of that job.
I wasn’t expecting to find my soul in a trivial job.

What I get very clearly now is … before I spoke on stage or wrote about my Soul and my deepest desires in life, I had to practice by hosting Bingo, Karaoke, and Trivia … it was my unique training ground.

Do you know what you are training for now?

What issues are coming up for you again that need to be addressed?
What people are you dealing with that make you smile OR push your buttons?
What things light you up OR what things completely piss you off?

The key is to stay tuned to the moment.
What are you being called or lead or directed to? …
Follow that …

Trust that you are definitely meant to be where you are right now.

If you need someone to coach you through your current situation, do some emotional re-balancing or just listen.
You can write to me at pipcoleman@yahoo.com.au or you can post on Facebook @Conscious Courses and Therapies. 
I’d love to hear from you.

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