11th March – Week 10 – My spontaneous surprise!

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This year I’ve not taken any time off to rest. I’m not telling you this to get sympathy or acknowledgement. 
I’m sharing this with you to remind you (and myself) that all work and no play does make us ‘dull’ … no spark …
I live on a tourist-focused island. So most of the work is offered during the summer and public holiday times. 
It makes sense on a purely practical level to work now and rest later. 
But on an energy-health-balance perspective it doesn’t. 

This weekend I had a thought of going down to Ocean Grove to visit my parents at their new house.
I finished work on Saturday at 2pm and called my sister to see if she’d like to do a road trip. 
She announced that she was already driving there and only 15 minutes away from their house. 
How cool was that?! 🙂
“Ooooo I could come over and surprise them.” I said. 
“Yes!! Do that! I’ll keep them occupied for a few hours until you arrive.” 
So I threw some clothes in a bag and headed off right away. 

I was excited. I luuuuurve surprises! 
Sure, some surprises don’t work. 
And anyone who reads my book (Finding my Soul at Sea) will know there was a big surprise that I planned that really backfired.
Note: I did get guidance that it might not play out well. 
But this one felt good. 

So I drove to Ocean Grove and pushed the buzzer at Mum & Dad’s house.
“Did you forget your keys?” Mum said,  she thought it was my sister.
“No, I don’t have any keys.” I said. 
“Ohhh Pip, What are you doing here?!” She was delighted. 
And when I drove up to the house my Dad came out of the house and raised his arms and cheered. 
What a magical moment. 

I had a really lovely couple of days with the family – shopping, cafes, swimming, real conversations and rejuvenation. 
It would have been easy to choose to stay at home alone. Sleep. Watch TV. Eat. Ride my bike. Beach. No effort. 
I do love where I live.  But I had a desire to feel even more nurtured and connected. 
I’m so glad I’ve spent the last 15 years consciously practising following these desires. 

Esther Abraham Hicks says that we humans need to get very picky about our vibrational level on a daily, hourly, momentary basis. That will keep you on a positive life journey. There is no point in asking someone else to change for you. It won’t work.  You are the only one in charge of the way you feel. No matter what others do or say. You have the power to feel good within you, anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Let everyone have their own experience. Observe yourself. Observe others. Reach for the feeling of relief. 

Blessings Pip x
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