​The Wisdom of Bear … how to work with the energy of Winter.

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Now that we’ve had the Winter solstice on the 21st June … the shortest day … it is officially winter. 
It is time to follow the wisdom of Bear. 
(*note – when I speak about animal spirit guides it is respectful to refer to the collective by name – thus the capital letter.)
I’ve always resonated with Bear energy. 
As a child I had a series of bears as my favourite comforting toy. 
And recently I discovered (during an animal spirit guide meditation) that one of my power animals is Bear. That made so much sense. 

Bear (and other animals) hibernate during this time. Resting and restoring themselves. They spend time sleeping. 
That’s what we all naturally want to do in winter right? Sleep … sleep … sleep. 
Do we actually do that? Rarely. 
This is the perfect time for you to embrace your Bear-self (or Bare-self) … to contemplate and comfort yourself.

Winter energy is for focusing on self acceptance, inner peace and gratitude. And couldn’t we all do with more of those? Huh? I’ve found that stress, anxiety and depression all start from a mindset of outer focus rather than inner focus. 

Bear doesn’t feel afraid of hibernation, or going deep within, or dreaming, or get impatient because it’s not sunny. 
Bear knows and trust unconditionally.

Winter offers great wisdom. A place to see people, places and things as they truly are and to reject the need for explanations of why, how and when. How often have you jumped quickly into a drama or issue only to realise you should have held back? Take a breath now.

My sister loves winter. She layers her clothes, rugs up with a blanket, sits by a fire too (if possible) and watches Foxtel. It’s her safe space. So outside while the air is cold and the land is frozen hard, sometimes covered with ice and snow. It is when the world is dormant and still, but inside us opportunity is imminent.

Winter offers us encouragement to find contentment and security in our own skin. We are given an opportunity to look at our dreams and become confident that we can realise our potential. What a magical gift! 

We are asked to look in the mirror and smile, certain that we did all that we could from our personal place in time. How often do we beat ourselves up for not doing enough or doing something wrong. That’s wasted energy. You did the best you could in that moment. 
And if you feel you could do better – learn that lesson and do better next time. What’s that quote? You can’t move forward if you are always looking in the rear view mirror. 

If you don’t feel you have been realising your potential, being your true self, taking opportunities or doing all that you can to reach your goals … Winter is the time to recognise, accept and allow where you are … then begin to plan and dream about the changes you would like to make.

Winter is where we find peace, maturity and the wisdom to just BE. 
Use the hibernation energy of Winter to begin the process of transformation, in readiness for Spring.
Meditation, Yin Yoga (gentle practice), Quiet walks in nature, Gentle rhythmic music, Drumming and slow movements (like Qi Gong) are all wonderful things to explore at this time.

Mindful Monday Meditation classes are happening all winter. Love to see you. 
Blessings Pip 

Reference: Scott Alexander King – ‘Animal Dreaming – the symbolic and spiritual language of the Australasian Animals’

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